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Computer Science Videos

These videos may either be in the Media Department on the fourth floor, or the Circulation Department on the fifth floor of the library. Please consult LIUCAT.

Computer Animation Festival Volume 2.0
Computers. Advanced Troubleshooting And Upgrading Techniques
Computers. C++. Encapsulation And Inheritance In C++
Computers. C. Programmer's Introduction To C
Computers. Client/Server Computing. Reengineering Business; The Shift To
Computers. Computer Architecture. The Evolution Of Power PC Architecture
Computers. CorelDraw 3.0. Introduction To CorelDraw 3.0
Computers. CorelDraw 3.0. Using CorelDraw 3.0, Advanced
Computers. DOS 6.0. Learning DOS 6.0, Introduction
Computers. DOS. Introduction To MS-DOS
Computers. Epson. Epson Computer Repair
Computers. Harvard Graphics 2.3. Harvard Graphics 2.3 - Advanced
Computers. Harvard Graphics 3.0. Introduction To Harvard Graphics 3.0
Computers. Introduction To the Internet
Computers. Managing and Using PC Memory
Computers. Micro-Video Learning System Demonstration 1991-92
Computers. Micro Computers. Introduction to Personal Computers
Computers. Multimedia Systems. What is Multimedia?
Computers. Norton Utilities 6.0. Using Norton Utilities Advanced 6.0
Computers. Novell. Netware 4.0. Learning Netware 4.0 Administration
Computers. Novell. Netware 4.0. Learning Netware 4.0 Advanced
Computers. Novell. Netware 4.0. Learning Netware 4.0 Installing &
Computers. Novell. Netware V3.1X Learning Netware V3.1X Installation &
Computers. Novell. Netware V3.1X. Learning Netware V3.1X Administration
Computers. Novell. Netware V3.1X. Learning Netware V3.1X Advanced
Computers. Novell. Netware. Guide to Getting Started
Computers. Novell. Netware. Learning DOS/Microcomputer Concepts
Computers. Novell. Netware. Learning LAN Technologies
Computers. Novell. Netware. Learning Netware Service & Support
Computers. Novell. Netware. Learning Netware TCP/IP Transport
Computers. Novell. Netware. Learning Networking Technologies
Computers. Novell. Netware. Learning Printing with Netware
Computers. Novell. Network. Installing a Novell Network(1) Installing
Computers. Novell. Network. Installing a Novell Network(2) Using Novell
Computers. Object-Oriented Class. Object-Oriented Class Design Using The
Computers. Object-Oriented Database. THOR: an Object-Oriented Database
Computers. OLE 2.0. Principles of OLE 2.0: Microsoft's Object-Oriented
Computers. Paradox 3.5. Introduction to Paradox 3.5
Computers. Paradox 3.5. Using Paradox 3.5 Advanced
Computers. PC Networks. Understanding PC Networks: Computers, Harddrives
Computers. PC. Upgrading and Troubleshooting Your PC
Computers. Pentium. An Overview of Intell's Pentium Processor...
Computers. PowerPC 601. PowerPC 601 Microprocessor
Computers. Quicken 4.0. Quicken 4.0 - Quick and Easy
Computers. Quicken 5.0. Quicken 5.0 - Quick and Easy
Computers. Software Engineering. Software Reliability Engineering (SRE)
Computers. The Help Desk Analyst's Workshop
Computers. Troubleshooting & Maintaining the IBM PC and Compatibles
Computers. UNIX. A User's Introduction to UNIX
Computers. UNIX. UNIX Shell Programming
Computers. UNIX. UNIX: Creating Applications with UNIX Tools
Computers. Windows 3.1. Getting Started with Windows 3.1
Computers. Windows 3.1. Using Windows 3.1 Advanced
Computers. WordPerfect 5.1. Customizing WordPerfect
Computers. WordPerfect 5.1. Journey Through WordPerfect, 2 Tapes
Computers. WordPerfect 5.1. Learning WordPerfect for Windows
Computers. WordPerfect 5.1. Quick Start to WordPerfect for Windows
Computers. WordPerfect 5.1. Using WordPerfect for Desktop Publishing
Computers. WordPerfect 5.1. WordPerfect and Your Laser Printing
Computers. WordPerfect 5.1. WordPerfect Secrets/Timesavers
Computers. Your PC...Inside Out
Designing GUI'S: Guidelines for Success
Inventing the Future with Robert Lucky
Mapping the INTERNET: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
New ABC'S, The
New Literacy, The
Parallel Database Servers
ServerNet and the Emergence of System Area Networks
Tiger in a Cage: Applications of Knowledge-Based Systems
Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality in Medicine (Nursing video; does not circulate to students)
Why C++ Isn't Just an Object-Oriented Programming Language

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