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Computer Science Resources: Reference Books

These books are located in the Reference Department on the third floor of the library.

Association for Computing Machineery.ACM Guide to Computing Literature
Association for Computing Machineery.New York:1992
QA 75.5.A75a
Provides thorough coverage of the literature, systematically including papers from both ACM-sponsored journals and from the major journals on computing and related disciplines of all publishers. It contains special features, such as indexes, glossaries, suggested reading, graphs and charts.

Stair, Lila B. Careers in Computers
Lincolnwood,III.: VGM Career Horizons,c1996
Includes bibilographical references and an index. Also includes occupational information about computer science and electronic data processing careers.

South, David W. The computer and information science and technology abbreviations and acronyms dictionary.Title of Resource ,
Boca Raton:CRCPress, c1994.

QA76.15.S63 1994
Includes bibiliographical references, abbreviations and dictionary of acronyms..

Spenser, Donald D. The Computer Dictionary
Ormond Beach, Fla:Camelot Publishing,1993.
QA 76.15.S64 1993
Include the most common terms currently used by computer scientists, information processing personnel, and other computer users. Also includes brief descriptions of important calculating machines and pictures of famous computer pioneers.

Dodd,A.(Anthony) Computing: The Technology of Information.
New York: Oxford University Press,1995
QA 76.5.T5575 1995 OVSZ
Includes bibilographical references and index.

Cotton, Bob The Cyberspace lexicon:an illustrated dictionary of terms from multimedia to virtual Reality/Bob Cooton and Richard Oliver
New York:Oxford University Press, 1995
QA 76.76.I59 C675 1994x
Covers interactive multimedia, virtual reality, human-computer interaction, telematics, computer networks, computer science, information technology, computer literacy, software, and information systems.

Anthony Ralston, Edwin D. Reilly Encyclopedia of computer science
London:New York: International Thomson Computer Press, c1995
QA 76.15.E48 1995x OVSZ
Includes bibliographical references and indexes for computer science and information science. Also contain explanatory information for each articles. Also includes timelines of significant computing milestones.

Lyu,Michael R. Handbook of Software Realiability Engineering
Computer Society Press,1996
QA 76.76.R44 H36 1996text
Contains comprehensive material on fault prevention, fault removal, fault tolerance, and failure forecasting. Also presents theory, models,processes, analysis, and estimation techniques.

George McDanial IBM Dictionary of Computing,
New York :McGraw-Hill,1994
QA76.15.I23 1994
Provides comprehensive reference about information processing systems, communication products and facilities, personal computers and office systems. Also includes terms and definitions from ANSI, ANSI/EIA standard and IBM products.

Longely,Dennis Information Security: dictionary of concepts, standards and terms
New York:Stockton Press, 1992
QA76.9.A25L665 1992bx
Includes bibliographical references and an index. Also contain important topics in depth, such as: risk analysis, database security, network security, personal computers, viruses etc.

Lee, Jan International biographical dictionary of computer pioneers/editor, J.A.N Lee
Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn, 1995
QA76.2.A2 L44 1995bx
Includes bibliographical references and an index. Lists computer pioneers and their biographies. Each biography is accompanied by a list of publications.

Gibilisco, Stan McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Personal Computing
New York: McGraw-Hill, 1995
QA 76.15.G53 1995 OVSZ
Contains general reference for personal-computer users. Also contains cross-referenced articles about robotics, artificial intelligence, super computers and virtual reality.

Peterson's job opportunities for engineering and computer science majors
Princeton,N.J.: Peterson's, c 1997
Covers employment for engineers, computer scientists, and corporations in the United States.

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