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Computer Science Resources:
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Computer Architecture Web Sites

WWW Computer Architecture Homepage:
A search engine on Computer Architecture maintained by the Computer Science Department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

News Web Sites

CNN Computing:
Reports news featuring computer technologies.

Visually Impaired User's Software Web Site

Adobe Acrobat Access: PDF to HTML Conversion:
This web site is a tool to help people with visual disabilities access electronic information. It converts PDF documents into HTML or ASCII text, and makes the documents ready to be used by the common screen reading programs that synthesize the HTML as audible speech.

Gateway Web Sites

Beaucoup! Internet/WWW and Computers/Programming:
Internet links include Liszt (email discussions); NetLingo; Modem Search; Censorware; L-Soft Lists; Intro to HTML; and WWWPing. Computer links include computer companies; MacWorld; AVP Virus Encyclopedia; Byte Online; Computer Shopper; and Object-Oriented Information Sources.

Yahoo! Computer Hardware:
About twelve categories of hardware, including benchmarks, calculators, companies, laptop computers, Networks, PDAs, Personal Computers, and Terminals.

Yahoo! Computer Science:
About forty categories of academically-oriented computer information, including algorithms, bibliographies, college and university departments, neural Networks, Virtual Reality, handwriting recognition, formal methods, and supercomputing and parallel computing.

Yahoo! Computer Software:
Information on about forty categories of software, including amateur radio, archives, games, text editors, education, employment, programming tools, and reviews.

Yahoo! Computers and Internet:
Many categories, including art, conventions & conferences, countries, cultures & groups, cyberculture, desktop publishing, humor, semiconductors, and user groups.

A well-rated web site exploring information technology. It contains links to concepts,  definitions, quick-references, discussions, learning paths, and more on computers and the Internet.


Programming Language Web Sites

Programming in C: ANSI C, history, culture, and literature.

This features C++ programming information, C++ career resources, Learn C++, and related information.

A web site focuses on CC++ programming language. In addition to brief overview, CC++ complier, CC++ library, documentation, applications, runtime environments for task parallel language, an online CC++ programing language course are also provided.

CGI Resource Index:
Covers over 2,800 CGI related resources under topics of programs and scripts, documentation, books, magazine articles, programmers, and jobs.

The Data Mine:
The first web site to collect information about Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD). It covers a short introduction to data mining, papers, bibliographies, other data mining sites, software, biographies, journals, conferences, sources of data to mine, AI & Machine Learning Resources, On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP) information, and more.

Html Goodies:
A web site dedicated to teaching the language of HTML and beyond. It covers html basics, banners, JavaScripting, tables, forms, image maps, images, colors, buttons, browsers, webmaster tips, style sheets, Java Applets, CGI Scripting, DHTML, and more.

Perl Language Page:
Overview: Perl news, What is Perl?, What's new in Perl5?; Perl Software: software, documentation, support, training, bug reports; Miscellaneous Resources.

Programming Language Research:
Provides research information on programming language. Included topics are language overview, research projects, home pages of researchers, journals, books and publishers, conferences and workshops, and bioliographies.

A useful site about finding shareware, freeware, and evaluation software under categories of business & productivity, desktop enhancements, education & science, games, graphics & drawing, home, family & leisure , Internet, programming, and utilities.  

UNIXhelp for Users:
Developed and maintained by the Computer Science Department of the University of Edinburgh, this web site provides useful information on UNIX operating system. It is organized into Tasks, Commands, Concepts, and Utilities.

A web site dedicated to the web designer. It covers subjects on experts, authoring, multimedia, and programming.

Next Generation HTML: The Big Picture. Includes an introduction, tutorials, and other information.

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