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Financial Information

All titles are shelved in the special Company and Business reference collection

M o o d y 's / M e r g e n t

Bond Record
Monthly publication that covers all aspects of the bond market including corporate bonds, convertible bonds, industrial development and environmental revenue bonds, and etc. Provides information regarding offering/maturity dates, interest dates, current offering prices, as well as Moody'sŪ ratings.

Dividend Record (semi-weekly, with accumulations) Provides current information on the dividends of stocks and mutual funds, indicating amounts of dividend and date declared, recorded, and paid during the last four quarters. Also lists annual dividends for the past two years.

Handbook of Common Stocks (Quarterly)
Provides quick access to financial and business information on more than 950 NYSE listed companies.

Bank and Finance (4 vols)
Industrial (2 vols)
International (4 vols)
OTC (Over the Counter) Industrial
Collection of separate financial manuals that cover companies traded on the New York and American Stock Exchange as well as regional American Stock Exchanges. Information for companies paying for "complete coverage" includes capital structure, brief corporate history, business and products, list of subsidiaries, officers and directors, CEO's letter to stockholders, report of an independent public accountant, and more. "Blue pages" contain statistical data and a subject guide. Subscription includes monthly "News Reports" and access to weekly updates online at www.FISonline.com.

S t a n d a r d & P o o r 's

The Outlook
Weekly commentary on the economy and current stock market trends. Individual stocks are discussed, with recommendations. The subscription includes an annual issue called Midyear Forecast. Industry Surveys 52 industries are detailed here in separate booklets which are updated regularly. Each "Survey" provides a report on the "current environment" surrounding the industry. Included in the profile are trends and statistical information. Each survey contains references and a glossary of terms. Included is a weekly "Trends and Projections" newsletter as well as a monthly Investment Review that serves to keep the main reports up to date.

Security Owner's Stock Guide
Monthly statistical summary of 5,300 common and preferred stocks. A separate section covers mutual funds.

V a l u e L i n e

Investment Survey (Weekly)
This popular advisory service provides in-depth coverage of 1,700 stocks grouped by industry.

Part 1 includes a cumulative index to company reports and a summary of key data for all 1,700 stocks. Lists Value Line ratings, recent prices, dividends, and more for each stock. Provides numerous screening lists that rank stocks by various characteristics such as "stocks moving up (and down)," and "timely stocks in timely industries."

Part 2, "Selections and Opinions," is a weekly newsletter containing articles on the current economic outlook, state of the market, current investing trends, and statistical indicators. Also highlights stock that is considered an especially good investment buy.

Part 3, "Ratings and Reports," presents a huge amount of financial and investment information on each company in a one-page format. Information includes the firm's current position and outlook, 15 years or more of current and historical financial data, and three ratings (timelines, safety, and beta).


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