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Service Highlights: Special Collections and Archives

Access to Special Collections and Archives

All LIU affiliates and interested visitors can consult the special collections upon appointment. Please call the Special Collections Librarian to schedule an appointment or to talk about how the special collections can assist you in your research. All materials are consulted in the Rare Book Room, LLC 400.

Before you begin to use the collections, you will be required to present identification and sign a request for specific materials. Because of the nature of the special collections, they must be used under supervision and cannot be removed from the Rare Book Room. Researchers are allowed to use laptops; only pencils are allowed for manual note taking.

Arrangements can be made for photocopies of specific pages which will be done for a fee by library staff. The Special Collections Librarian reserves the right to refuse photocopying of materials that are too fragile, too large, or unusual with respect to their structure and format. For additional information, please contact the archivist Ms. Janet Marks at (718) 488-1000, Ext. 2826 or via email Janet.Marks@liu.edu.


Updated I. Wang 2/11
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