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The Reference Department: Theses and Dissertations

Thesis Requirements: As applicable, graduate students must meet the thesis requirements in order to receive their degree.

Process for Master's Thesis

PART 1 -- Submission and Digitization Fee

Masters students must complete the form entitled Publishing Your Master's Thesis.
  1. Required Copy and Fees
  Student must bring the following to the LIU Library:
    A) One copy of the master's thesis. Ensure that title page has all required signatures.
    B) An extra copy of the title page and abstract. All extra copies must also have original signatures. Extra copies are for UMI / ProQuest and must be stapled to the UMI form.
  C) Receipt of Payment from the Bursar's Office for $55, paid for digitization of the thesis.
2. Optional
  On M. Charlot's desk should be: the master's thesis, UMI form, and payment receipt for digitizing the thesis.
  All students submitting a thesis must also complete the UMI / ProQuest Form. The student may choose to Copyright the thesis for an additional $55. He/she may pay with money order or certified check. Money orders or certified checks are made out to PQIL and stapled to the form.
  3. Bursar Return
    Student must pay the digitization fee, and, if they cohose, the copyright fee separately. This means that the student will be making a separate payment for digitizing (paid to bursar), and one for copyright registration (payable to UMI and stapled to the UMI form).
All of the above steps must be followed, and the form filled out completely, or the thesis will not be accepted or processed.

PART 2 -- Process for Thesis Binding

If a student wishes to have a personal copy of his or her thesis, the following procedure should be followed.
  1. Student must bring two copies of thesis to the LIU Library: one copy can be printed on regular printing paper for UMI / ProQuest for digitizing and the second copy needs to be on Acid-Free paper for binding.
2. The student must pay an additional $20 fee for each copy of the master's thesis. Separate payment must be made to the Bursar's Office. Copy of the receipt must be returned to the Library. [Library sends copy of the thesis to Ocher and Trapp.]
3. Make sure the title page has all original signatures.
4. Make sure the student leaves a phone number and forwarding address where extra bound copies may be sent.

PART 3 -- Master's Thesis Forms

Forms needed for submitting dissertation to the library:

Digitizing Master's Thesis Form (Required)

This form is for those individuals who wish to digitize their thesis only.

UMI ProQuest Master's Thesis From (Required)

Pages to be printed: 4, 5, 6 [for Copyright], 8-11.

Binding Form (Optional)

This form is for those individuals who wish to have a personal bound copy of their thesis.







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