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   The LIU Brooklyn Library Media Center Newsletter 
   We love movies, among other things.

Summer 2012, issue 64

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This issue of  BLMC is brought to you all the way from the back row by Media Assistant and Jack Kirby fan Patrick Jewell.  Tell your friends. 


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Congrats to our Grads
The Media Center proudly says "Thank You and Well Done" to Rommel Forde, Khamelia McKoy, Torrie Saunders, Lina Tobierre, and Jazmin Waller, and we wish you success in all your endeavors! 

And the BLMC Challenge Prize Goes To....
Anthony Amoruso, grad student in the Media Arts department!  We had lots of interest and entries, and several people came close, but only Anthony named every single title successfully.  thanks to everyone for playing, and keep your eyes open for more contests like this in the future!

Coming Soon:

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A pocket-sized comic book zine promoting the MC.  Keep your eyes open MCfans! 

The LIU Brooklyn Library Media Center
Rachel King, Media Librarian  (718) 488-1311
Patrick Jewell,  Media Staff  (718) 488-3392
Lisa Rivera,  Media Staff  (718) 780-4378

The LIU Brooklyn Library Media Center is located on the fifth floor of the LLC. 
Come up and see us some time.