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October 2010, issue 57


The Curiously Strange Case
of the Mystery of the Spooky Monster
Midnight Thriller Chiller Halloween Issue Project!
About seven years ago, an astonishing and wholly unexpected set of DVDs arrived in the Media Center: a box of twelve discs which contained fifty different films, wildly disparate in quality and storyline, all brought together under the classification of horror films.  We've never figured out who requested this set of films, all in the public domain, and which in actuality include science fiction, comedy, thriller, giant monster, mystery, and melodrama, as well as horror.  We recently found a diary from October of 2004,documenting the week leading up to Halloween, during which the Media Center attempted to play all fifty films in a row, as part of the Now Playing program.  Be warned, gentle reader, this account is not for the faint of heart....

"Monday, 10/25/04
Today I begin the bizarre and unsettling task which I have set for myself: an attempt to play all fifty films from the mysterious classic horror collection in one week.  Wish me luck. I'm hanging garlic over the door, and keeping a silver crucifix within reach at all times.  I have no idea whether all fifty films will fit in the one week, and I pray that if I fail, my soul be not cursed for eternity to pay for tampering with such diabolical supernatural forces.  Films playing today are Carnival of Souls, Atom Age Vampire, Creature from the Haunted Sea, Nightmare Castle, The Black Dragon.

Monday results:   5 movies:  1 legitimate cult classic, 1 unorthodox vampire/mad scientist, 1 plot involving Cuban revolution and legendary sea monster, 1 Barbara Steele, 1 Lugosi,  2 car crashes.


Tuesday, 10/26/04

My soul is chilled today.  I have the strongest feeling, at times, that someone, or something, stands at my elbow.  And when I turn, of course there is nothing there.  But when I looked in the bathroom mirror, for a split second my face had no skin.  Also kind of creepy: my sandwich had mayo when I know I asked for mustard!  Oooooh!!  Today's films:  The Invisible Ghost, One Body Too Many, White Zombie, Attack of the Giant Leeches, The Screaming Skull, The Beast of Yucca Flats, The Terror.


Tuesday results:  7 movies:   1 good movie, 3 Lugosis (1 young, 2 old), 1 giant animal species, 1 husband trying to drive neurotic, rich wife insane, 1 dead wife compelling mild-mannered husband to murder, 1 dead wife turned into zombie, @100 zombies working on plantation, 1 comedy with "ensuing mayhem," 2 cliff-side fortresses, 2 creepy mansions, 1 Tor Johnson, 1 nuclear accident, 1 actress named Madge, 1 Karloff (old), 1 Nicholson (young), 1 "poetic" Roger Corman period piece, 1 color film, 1 horseback ride on beach, 1 character named "Murder," 1 local game warden, 4 gratuitous and senseless scenes of unidentified women characters being strangled with clock ticking on soundtrack, 1 deranged, overradiated scientist/monster cuddling a dead rabbit, 1 portentous voice-over narration for entire film, 1 dark and stormy night, 1 animated title sequence, too many skulls to count, 0 invisible ghosts (What the...??). 


Wednesday, 10/27/04

Lots of flies in the Media Center tonight.  Like, maybe a thousand.  Annoying, right?  And the televisions keep turning on by themselves and telling me to get out.  The phone rings and the voice on the other end sounds like Bela Lugosi and says, "What's the frequency, Kenneth?"  Kind of weird, all in all.  Plus, today I end up with pig's blood instead of mustard on my sandwich, and I told the deli guy I wanted mustard, like, three times!   Today's movies: Revolt of the Zombies, The Giant Gila Monster, The Fatal Hour, Dead Men Walk, The Mad Monster, Maniac, Metropolis.


Wednesday results:  7 movies:  1 movie that is part of every film 101 class, 1 movie directed by a certified cinematic genius, 1 plan to rule the world with an army of zombies, 1 Karloff, 2 George Zuccos, 1 Glenn Strange, 1 Dwight Frye, 1 caucasian actor playing an Asian detective, 1 giant animal species, 1 werewolf, 3 mad scientists, 1 mad scientific assistant, 1 walled-up corpse, 2 evil  geniuses dabbling in the dark arts, 1 evil genius dabbling in the dark arts from beyond the grave, unconfirmed number of teenagers and souped-up hotrods, 1 singing teenage hotrod fanatic with little sister in peril for her life, 1 proletariat uprising, 1 zombie uprising, 1 set twin brothers (twin brother breakdown:  1 evil, 1 good), 1 futuristic society with soulless feudal system, 1 robot woman created to thwart proletariat uprising, 1 long-suffering police captain, 1 feisty female cub reporter, 1 hunchbacked assistant, 1 mad scientist seeking revenge for being drummed out of academia. 


Thursday, 10/28/04

No sandwich at the deli today; instead I tried the three-bean salad.  White beans turned out to be maggots.  But there was mustard.  Also, what looked to be about a three hundred year old Iroquois chief with burning red eyes accosted me on Flatbush andtold me the Media Center was built on sacred burial ground.  That explains, maybe, the arms rising up from the floor trying to drag me down into a linoleum netherworld.  But does not explain the black-haired, little Japanese girl climbing on the ceiling.  She creeps me out.  Plus she thinks it's funny to repeat everything I say in a sing-song voice.  Today's movies: The Vampire Bat, The Ape, The Monster Maker, The Killer Shrews, The Brain That Wouldn't Die, King of the Zombies, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Thursday Results:  7 movies:  1 good movie, 1 silent movie, 1 movie that's probably smarter than it looks, 1 movie that may be my favorite terrible movie ever -- my 'desert island' bad movie, 1 Fay Wray, 1 Karloff, 1 former Miss Universe, 1 John Barrymore, 1 great profile, 1 Melvyn Douglas, 1 Dwight Frye, 1 Lionel Atwill, 1 J. Carroll Naish, 1 father of Sidney Lumet, 1 oversized animal species, 1 hair-raising escape in doctored garbage cans, 5 mad scientists, 3 crazy assistants, 1 dark alter ego, 0 vampires, 0 werewolves, 0 robots, 0 pirates, 0 cowboys, lots and lots of zombies (but not real voodoo zombies, just people hypnotized into thinking they're zombies (fake zombies! bo-ring!)), 1 zombie uprising, 1 mob of villagers with torches, 2 strippers, 1 catfight betwixt strippers, 1 terrible-experiment-gone-wrong monster locked in the closet, 1 decapitated and crabby head kept alive by chemistry set, 1 arm ripped from socket, 1 ape, 1 mad scientist pretending to be an ape, 2 isolated island locales, 1 second-rate Amos-n-Andy type embarrassingly stereotypical black comedy relief actor, 1 hideously disfiguring disease, 2 instances telepathic mind control, 1 burning laboratory finale, 1 hurricane, 1 car crash, 1 "solicitous german physician whose wife is more than a little strange" (container), 1 murder spree with victims drained of blood, 1 murder spree with victims drained of spinal fluid, 1 adaptation of a Robert Louis Stevenson novel. 


Friday, 10/29/04

All work and no play makes Patrick a dull boy.  All work and no play makes Patrick a dull boy.  All work and no play makes Patrick a dull boy.  All work and no play makes Patrick a dull boy.  All work and no play makes Patrick a dull boy.  All work and no play makes Patrick a dull boy.  Also, note to self: find a new deli, already!  Today's movies:  Bluebeard, The Corpse Vanishes, Night of the Living Dead, Doomed to Die.  All work and no play makes Patrick a dull boy.  


Friday Results: 4 movies: 1 Carradine, 1 Lugosi, 1 Romero, 1 Karloff, 1 combo puppeteer/serial killer, 1 mad doctor harvsting glands from virgins to treat his ailing wife, 1 relentless horde of zombies, 1 rather tame murder mystery complete with female intrepid cub reporter.  All work and no play makes Patrick a dull boy.  All work and no pla---aieeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!"


The document ends here, without the full fifty films having been shown.  The writer of this daily log mysteriously disappeared and was never heard from again.  And we have no idea how he managed to write "aieeee!!!!!!!!!!!" while he was mysteriously disappearing.  Although some nights in the Media Center, people swear they have heard a plaintive voice complaining about his sandwich....


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"Goodnight, gentlemen.  Don't let the vampires get you." 
--Karl Brettschneider (Melvyn Douglas), The Vampire Bat (1933).




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