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December 2008, issue 40


Snowman (1998), linocut.  copyright Patrick Jewell, all rights reserved.


Happy Holidays from The BCLMC, and Warmest Wishes for the New Year!


I guess if I were to recommend just one DVD for this year's holiday season it would be The Snowman/Father Christmas, a couple delightful animated shorts based on stories by Raymond Briggs.  My son loves 'em. 


The Snowman is a wordless tale about a boy and his snowman, and a magical journey they take together one winter evening.  It was an Academy Award (TM) nominee for Best Animated Short Film in 1982.


In Father Christmas, Santa, who lives in a little London row house in this incarnation, decides he needs a vacation and lights out for France, Scotland, and Las Vegas, in that order, where he discovers ketchupless French cuisine, endures icy cold Scottish lochs, and learns that even what Santa does in Vegas stays in Vegas.  Santa is soooo money, baby.


Both shorts are animated in a lively, slightly different, and warmly affectionate style.  Look for the Snowman's cameo in Father Christmas.      


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