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November/December 2007, issue 28

"Merry Christmas, movie house!"  --George Bailey (James Stewart), It's a Wonderful Life (1946).  (What? You were expecting maybe Humphrey Bogart?)

Happy Holidays

Our warmest wishes of peace and joy for you and yours this holiday season. We'll see you in the New Year. 

Colonial House will blow your mind about Thanksgiving

This eight-part PBS series, originally broadcast in 2004, follows 26 people from the US and UK as they live on an isolated stretch of the Maine coast, recreating the living conditions faced by 1628 colonists in the New World.  In addition to facing the hard work and uncomfortable living conditions required in an era way before the conveniences of modern life, the participants also had to live according to the social and religious mores of the colony, as well as the strict laws of the day.

PBS has an excellent website which gives a wealth of details about how the show was created, who the participants are, and the historical referents used to re-create the colonial world and its laws.  So be thankful for all those brave folks who came before us when you're shpritzing that Reddi-Whip on your second slice of Entenmann's pumpkin pie there, pilgrim. 

In the Mix:  a random shuffle of some movies we've played recently in our Now Playing program. 

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