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January 2007, issue 21

"Always keep your bowler on in time of stress, and watch out for diabolical masterminds." --Emma Peel (Diana Rigg), The Avengers.

Happy New Year, Mr. Bond

Welcome to 2007.   The focus this month, in honor of the year double oh seven, is Spy Movies. 

007 is, of course, James Bond.  We have a sparse selection of Bond in the BCLMC, but what we lack in quantity, as they say, we make up for in quality.  In other words, we have Dr. No.  Connery and Andress and "Under the Mango Tree."  Otherwise, not much Bond around here except a couple of the Pierce Brosnan ones

So we move to other spies, secret agents, and the like.  Austin Powers is a parody of Bond and the rest of the sixties spy craze [and just about anything else that Mike Myers feels like taking aim at], which included folks like James Coburn as Our Man Flint, Michael Caine's Harry Palmer of the Ipcress File, and Dean Martin in the Matt Helm series, as well as TV shows like The Man from UNCLE, I Spy, and Mission: Impossible.

The Avengers.  This sly British TV series may have skirted parody a bit, but the special appeal (ha!) of this show was always the mysterious relationship between Agent John Steed (Patrick MacNee) and his female partner at the time, most notably when that partner was Diana Rigg as fashionable martial arts master and 'talented amateur' Emma Peel.  Nestled in between flirty wisecracks and handled with unflappable British aplomb, Avengers' plotlines could include anything from robots to aliens to brainwashing to international espionage to doppelgangers to reanimation of the dead.  And Diabolical Masterminds, naturally. 

Cleopatra Jones and Foxy Brown.   Maybe not true spy flicks, these blaxploitation movies are close enough for us--the first about United States Special Agent Cleopatra Jones, fighting drug trafficking all over the world in her tricked-out corvette, the second with Pam Grier out to avenge the death of her government agent boyfriend.   (For those of you paying attention, Beyonce Knowles' character in Goldmember is named Foxxy Cleopatra.  I believe that's known as a tip of cap, sir.) 

La Route de Corinthe -- Euro spies directed by Claude Chabrol in the sunny Mediterranean, where widow Jean Seberg [Breathless] is trying to clear her name in the death of her husband.  Also known as Who's Got the Black Box?

Hitchcock's spies and secret agents.  Alfred Hitchcock loved to use spies and espionage in his films, which worked especially well for his mistaken identity plots, in which ordinary citizens are swept up into dangerous worlds of intrigue.  The 39 Steps and North by Northwest are two of the best, the former from early in his career and the latter from when he was an established Hollywood director.  Both films feature charming leading men trying to clear their names in the midst of a cross-country chase [see also: Saboteur, which ends in New York Harbor], with equally charming and formidable women along for the ride.  They are both exquisite blends of thriller, comedy, and romance.  The Man Who Knew Too Much, and The Lady Vanishes are also two great spy films from early on in his career.  Notorious is another film from his Hollywood years, and features a plot line in which Ingrid Bergman goes about as deep undercover as someone can, marrying into a postwar Nazi spy ring. 

"Are those fricken' sharks with fricken' laser beams attached to their fricken' heads?" Dr. Evil (Mike Myers), Austin Powers in Goldmember.


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