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May 2, 2005:  Ossie Davis; Mother's Day; Recent Acquisitions; How to Look up videos in LIUCAT

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O Brother Where Art Thou, by the Coen brothers, is a wildly comic road picture set in the Depression-era South, and it relies heavily on mythology and period music: blues, bluegrass, country, and gospel.  Do you like what you hear?  Give a listen to a CD in our collection, King of the Delta Blues, the music of Robert Johnson.  Like the blues musician in the film, Johnson was rumored to have sold his soul to the devil in exchange for miraculous guitar talent.  In another connection, the title of the film was taken from the Preston Sturges classic, Sullivan's Travels, about a Hollywood comic director who yearns to make a 'serious' film called "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

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Ossie Davis, 1917 - 2005

The work of actor, writer, director, civil rights activist, and Kennedy Center Honor recipient Ossie Davis is well represented in the Brooklyn Campus Library Media Center.

He wrote and directed the comic crime film Cotton Comes to Harlem (1970). He is also a familiar face to Spike Lee fans, appearing in many of Lee's films, from early work like School Daze and Do the Right Thing, to later films like Get on the Bus. After starring in Herb Gardner's stage play I'm Not Rappaport, he reprised his role for the film version in 1996. He also worked in television, acting in the HBO drama Miss Evers' Boys, about the infamous "Tuskegee Experiment," and in the miniseries Roots, the Next Generations.

It is difficult to think of Mr. Davis without also thinking of his wife and fellow activist, Ruby Dee, who performed in many films with him and was also a recipient of the Kennedy Center Honor last year.  Together or separately, they have been actors of great warmth and humanity.  Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee films in our collection are listed at our Recommended viewing page, here 

Happy Mother's Day: 24 Memorable Movie Moms

  1. Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore Early Scorsese film about recently widowed mother on the road with her son.
  2. Aliens Second film in the Alien series features a showdown between an alien protecting her brood and Ripley acting as a young girl's surrogate mother.
  3. All About My Mother One of Pedro Almodovar's best.
  4. All That Heaven Allows Quintessential Douglas Sirk soaper.
  5. Antonia's Line This Dutch film is a remarkable portrait of a family and its matriarch.
  6. Baby Boom Cute comedy of career woman who has to deal with an adopted daughter.
  7. Carrie Telekinetic teen has a domineering mother in this revenge flick based on the Stephen King novel.
  8. Forrest Gump Sally Field plays Forrest's strong and loving mom. 
  9. Gas Food Lodging A mother with two teenage daughters in New Mexico.
  10. The Glass Menagerie Filmed version of the Tennessee Williams play.
  11. The Grapes of Wrath Ma Joad leads her family to California during the Great Depression.  Great John Ford film adapted from the Steinbeck novel.
  12. Imitation of Life Another great Sirk soaper is the story of two widows and their daughters. 
  13. Indochine French woman adopts a daughter in colonial Viet Nam
  14. Little Women Genteel classic of four sisters growing up in Massachussetts during the Civil War. 
  15. The Manchurian Candidate Angela Lansbury sacrifices her son for political gain.  Chilling, paranoid, brainwashing, cold war thriller. 
  16. Mildred Pierce She'll stop at nothing to make her daughter happy.  Based on the John M. Cain novel. 
  17. New York Stories [the third segment, Oedipus Wrecks] Giant mother hounds son relentlessly in this comic short by Woody Allen. 
  18. Postcards From the Edge Aspiring actress and her Hollywood legend mom.
  19. Psycho Norman Bates loves his mother very much. 
  20. Stella Dallas A mother sacrifices everything for her daughter's happiness.
  21. Terms of Endearment Entertaining tearjerker about a mother and daughter.
  22. Two Women Stark Italian drama about woman and daughter during WWII.
  23. Where's Poppa? Dark comedy about a Jewish lawyer and his meddling mother.
  24. White Heat Psychopathic killer James Cagney is devoted to his mother. 

[Special Happy Mother's Day wishes to the two moms in the BCLMC:
Andrea Slonosky and Lisa Rivera!]


A Selection of Recent DVD Acquisitions:


How to look up videos on LIUCAT in 4 easy steps:

1. Go to LIUCAT
2. Click on "Advanced search"
3. In the first search box, "General keyword," enter the word "videorecording".
4. Enter an author's or director's name, a title keyword, or a subject keyword in the appropriate search box and click "Go;" the search will begin.


Doris [Shirley MacLaine]: I was such an awful mother... what if you had a mother like Joan Crawford or Lana Turner?
Suzanne [Meryl Streep]: These are the options? You, Joan or Lana?
--Postcards From the Edge, 1989



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