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Request For Materials Guidelines (Brooklyn Campus)

The Material Request system at the LIU-Brooklyn Campus Library is designed to help Brooklyn Campus students and faculty obtain materials not available in the Brooklyn Library.

Brooklyn Campus ILLiad System (New)

Create an ILLiad account and submit an InterLibrary Loan request.
(Library Barcode & LIU E-mail Address Required)



  1. It is important that the requester first check LIUCAT to see if we own the book.
  2. Please enter as accurately as possible information about the author, title, publisher, and date of publication. If you want a specific edition, please enter information about the specific edition.
  3. The due date is determined by the lending institution.
  4. Please return all books to the Brooklyn InterLibrary Loan Department on or before the date written on the slip attached to the loaned book. Those patrons who repeatedly return books late will lose their loan privileges.
  5. Renewal requests of books can be made over the phone. Renewals are dependent on the policies of the lending institution and the lending institution has the right to recall its materials at any time. This should be done at least five days before the due date. Overdue books will not be renewed. Please call (718) 488-1679. If another user has placed a hold on the book, it cannot be renewed.
  6. Please fill out the Web form completely, and be sure to enter your name, your LIU library barcode, your LIU e-mail address, and the book title for your request to be sent and processed. Please provide your phone number also so that when your book arrives, you will be contacted either by e-mail or by telephone. Books not picked up by the due date will automatically be sent back to the Brooklyn Campus library.
  7. The patron is responsible for overdue fees imposed by the lending institution. For out-of-print books, the fee will be determined on a title by title basis.
  8. There is a limit of 10 InterLibrary Loan book requests per person at all times.
  1. Enter data about the bibliographic citation into the appropriate fields. This includes information about the author(s), title of the article, volume number, date, issue number, pages and the name of the journal or newspaper. DO NOT USE ABBREVIATIONS. If you are not sure about the name of the journal, ask a reference librarian at the Reference Desk. Forms which have not been filled out correctly cannot be processed; however, we will attempt to contact you for clarification.
  2. Please supply the source of your information. That is, please provide the title of the database or index.
  3. Please supply your e-mail address and your telephone number so we can contact you when your articles have arrived. If you fail to pick up your articles, they will be discarded after four weeks.


Created by E. Keane 2/04. Updated by I. Wang 2/04.
U[dated by I. Wang 9/10
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