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Library Guide 9: Library Databases

The library subscribes to eleven CD-ROM databases that provide access to the literature (primarily Periodicals) in various fields.From the "CD-ROM Network applications Menu" one can select and start the databases which covers one's subject of interest. in addition to bibliographic citations, select databases also include abstract or full-text articles.

Most of the databases on the network are marketed and ditributed by the company silverplatter. The Silverplatter databases have the same interfaces, commands, and searching techniques. See Library Guide 10 for silverplatter databses seraching techniques.

Unlike the popular InfoTrac databses, the Silverplatter databases contain citations to articles written by and for scholars and professionals in their respective fields. Lower division students should use InfoTrac before attempting to search any one of the Silverplatter databases.

ERIC(Educational Resources Information Center), 1966- present
ERIC is the National Education Information network for providing access to the literature in education and related fields. The databse contains the citations and abstracts indexed in .Eric is sponsored by the U.S.Department of Education.

PsycLIT, 1974- present (journals), 1987-present (books)
PsycLIT provides access to the book and journal Literature in the field of psychology and related behaviourl sciences. The databases contains the citations and abstract indexed in Psychological Abstracts.PsycLIT is produced by the American Psychological Association.

Medline, 1990- Present
Medline contains the citations and abstracts to articles from 3700 journals in the biomedical field. Medline is the computerized Counterpart to Index Medicus, the Index to dental Literature, and the International Nursing Index. Medline is produced by the national library of Medicine.

CINAHL 9Cumulative Index to Nursing and Alleid Health), 1982-present
The CINAHL database contains the citations and abstracts to articles in English language nursing journals, publ;ications from the American Nursing Asssociation and the National League for nursing, and primary journals from 13 allied health disciplines. CINAHL is the computerized counterpart to the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health

International Pharmaceutical Abstracts, 1970- present
The IPA databses contains citations and abstracts to articles published in over 750 journals, papers presented at ASHP's major meetings, and paper from the APhA and AACP annual meetings.Coverage includes clinical and technical drug information, phatmacy practice, pharmaceutical education, and legal aspects of pharmacy and drugs. The database is produced by the American Society of Health- System Pharmacists.

MLA (Modern Language Assosciation) International Bibliography, 1963-present
The MLA database contains citations to articles pertaining to languages, literature, linguistics, and folklore, published in over 3000 journals worldwide, as well as books, working papers, proceedings and bibliographies. The database is produced by the Modern Language Association.

Sociofile, 1973 - present
Sociofile contains citations and abstracts to articles on sociology and related disciplines. The databse contains the citations indexed in Sociological Abstracts and Social Planning, Policy and Development Abstracts.Over 2000 journals are indexed.

Library and Information Science Abstracts(LISA), 1969- present
Libray and Information Science Abstracts contains citations and abstracts to articles on librarianship and information science.

Art Index, 9/84- present
Art Index contains citations to articles and reproductions of art works from 290 English language periodicals covering the visual arts.Citations also come fron French, Italian, German, Japanese, Dutch, Swedish, and Spanish language periodicals.


Infotrac, Latest 3 years
InfoTrac is a general interest database covering a broad range of topical issues found in Newstand and scholarly periodicals.

Ethnic Newswatch, 1990 - present
Ethnic newswatch is a full text database containing articles, editorials and reviews from the ethnic, minority and native press. Bilingual, English - Spanish, search options are available.

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