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Financial Aid : Grants, Loans, Fellowships, Scholarships

The following definitions are taken from Foundation Grants to Individuals LB 2336.F599 2006 (desk):

Grants and Scholarships are awarded directly to students, or to schools for the benefits of students, to help meet tuition costs. They are primarily available to undergraduates.

Fellowships are grants awarded to graduate students in colleges, universities, and other institutions.

Research Grants are awards to support individuals engaged in independent scholarly projects or medical or scientific investigation.

Loans are funds for educational expenses which usually must be repaid to the lender.


Note: Unless otherwise indicated, the following titles are located in the special Career Case of the Reference collection (3rd floor of LLC. If necessary, ask a Reference Librarian for assistance.

Cash for Grad School : the Ultimate Guide to Grad School Scholarships
LB 2337.4 .M2855
College Blue Book , V. 5: Scholarships, fellowships, Grants, and loans
L 901 .C676 V.5
Directory of Financial Aids for Minorities 1997-99
LB 2338. D564
Directory of Research Grants
LB2338 .D57
Financial Aid for African Americans (1997-99)
LB 2337.2 .F5643x
Financial Aid for Native Americans (1997-99)
LB2337.2 .F571x
Foundation Grants to Individuals (2005)
LB 2336.F599 2006 (desk)
Grants for Higher Education (2004-05)
LB2337.2 .G7
The Grants Register (2006)
LB2338 .G7
National Directory of Scholarships, Internships, and Fellowships for Latino Youth (2003-04)
LB2338 .N28x
The Financial Aid book : The insider's Guide to private scholarships, grents, and fellowships
Ref LB 2337.3.F56.1994
Scholarships, Fellowships and Loans
LB2338 .S35
Scholarships, Grants & Prizes (2006)
LB 2337.4 .P475


The library also provides access to a number of electronic books through its subscription to "ebrary." The collection is accessible by clicking on "ebrary" in the list of subscribed databases. Entering "financial aid" in ebrary's search box will generate a list of current books on scholarships and loans, all of which are then readable on-line. The direct link is: http://site.ebrary.com/lib/liu/Doc?id=

The Office of Student Financial Aid at the Brooklyn Campus of LIU has a significant amount of information regarding financial aid posted on its website: http://www.brooklyn.liu.edu/finaid/index.html. It includes a listing of the scholarships and grants offered by LIU as well as scholarships, grants, and loans available from the state and federal governments. It also provides an explanation of "financial aid basics" and links to the FAFSA forms and newsletter.

The College Board has a "Pay for College" website which provides planning help, assistance in locating scholarships, and links to federal loan applications: http://www.collegeboard.com/pay.

The U.S. Department of Education has a "Federal Student Aid" website which provides complete information on the federal government's financial aid process, whether you're in school or out of school: http://studentaid.ed.gov/PORTALSWebApp/students/english/index.jsp.

Sallie Mae provides federal and private student loans, including consolidation loans, for undergraduate and graduate students and their parents. In addition, Sallie Mae offers comprehensive information and resources to assist students, parents and guidance professionals with the financial aid process. Originally (1972) a government-sponsored corporation, it is now completely private: http://www.salliemae.com/.

Self-described as "the most comprehensive annotated collection of information about student financial aid on the web," FinAid provides links to many kinds of financial aid and financial aid applications: http://www.finaid.org/.

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