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Library Guide 4: Education Reference Resources

The following information is intended to acquaint researchers with the education reference sources available in the LIU Brooklyn Campus Library. The list does not include all of the library's resources on education. For additional information consult the librarian at the Reference Desk.

REFERENCE BOOKS are for library use only and are located in the Reference Library on the third floor of the LLC building. Following the call number, in parentheses, additional location information is provided. R. Ref refers to the ready reference section of the reference library: stacks, the general reference stacks; and career, the career and education collection in the reference library. If necessary, ask for assistance.


A Critical Dictionary of Educational Concepts Ref LB15.B29 1990 (R. Ref)
Doing Your Research Project: A Guide for First-Time Researchers in Education and Social Science Ref LB 1028.B394 1993 (Stacks)
The Education of Women in the United States: A Guide to Theory, Teaching and Research Ref LC 1752.M34 1992 (Stacks)
Educational Research, Methodology, and Measurement: An International Handbook Ref LB1028.E3184 1997 (Stacks)
Encyclopedia of American Education Ref LB17.454 1996 V. 1-3 (R. Ref)
Encyclopedia of Educational Research Ref LB15.E48 1992 V. 1-4 (R. Ref)
The Handbook of Alternative Education Ref LC45.4.H36 1994 (Stacks)
Handbook of Educational Ideas and Practice Ref LB17.H267 1990 (Stacks)
International Encyclopedia of Economics of Education Ref LC65.I58 1995 (Stacks)
International Encyclopedia of Educational Technology Ref LB1028.3.I567 1996 (Stacks)
Literacy, Economy, and Society: Results of the First International Adult Literacy Survey Ref LC149.L4984 1995 (Stacks)


International Companion Encyclopedia of Children's Literature Ref PN1008.5.I57 1996 (Stacks)
More Books Kids Will Sit Still For: A Read Aloud Guide Ref Z1037.F848 1995 (Stacks)
More Creative Uses of Children's Literature. Volume 1: Introducing Books in All Kinds of Ways Ref Z675.S3 P247 1992 (Stacks)
Newbery and Caldecott Awards: A Guide to the Medal and Honor Books Ref Z1037.A2.N474 1996x (Stacks)
Portraying Persons with Disabilities: An Annotated Bibliography of Fiction for Children and Teenagers Ref LB1037.9.R63 1992 (Stacks)
Portraying Persons with Disabilities: An Annotated Bibliography of Nonfiction for Children and Teenagers Ref LB1037.9.F735 1992 (Stacks)
Research and Professional Resources in Children's Literature Ref Z1037.A1 R46 1995 (Stacks)


The American Curriculum: A Documentary History Ref LB 1570.A62 1993 (Stacks)
Early Childhood Curriculum Resource Handbook Ref LB1139.4.E175 1993 (Stacks)
Handbook of Research on Curriculum Ref LB1570.H264 1992 (Stacks)


Early Childhood Curriculum Resource Handbook Ref LB1139.4.E175 1993 (Stacks)
Encyclopedia of Early Childhood Education Ref LB1139.25 1992 (Stacks)
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