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Library Guide 16: Locating New York State Documents

The LIU/Brooklyn Campus Library is a depository library of the New York State Document Depository Program. We receive core titles published by the State of New York. Documents are received monthly from the New York State Library in Albany. Currently , we have documents from 1993 to present. These documents are located in the Reference Room on the 3rd floor of the LLC building and are shelved in NYDOCS (New York state document classification system ) call number order. This handout will show you how to locate documents of interest to you. New York State Documents do not circulate but must be used in the library. You can make copies , but like with all reference material ,you must leave ID at the Reference Desk.


Every month the New York State Library prepares a list of the documents that have been sent to recipient libraries that month . This list is called Checklist of the Official Publications of the State of New York and is located in black binders at the end of the documents . In the Checklist the documents are arranged in the NYDOCS call number order.

Because the LIU/ Brooklyn Campus Library is a paper depository , not a full depository ,we only receive selected documents . In the Checklist , the documents that are sent to the paper depository libraries , such as LIU/Brooklyn , are marked with the letter D. In addition , every month we mark the Checklist with a check mark to indicate which documents we have received that month . This has been done for all documents received since 1995
Begin your search by checking the latest checklist for New York State Depository Library documents ("D"). Once you find a interesting document ,check to see if there is a check mark next to it .If there is no checkmark next to the document , then we have not received that particular title. If we have received the title , note the full NYSDOCS number located on the left and proceed to the document shelves.

The checklist is not cumulative. Therefore, you must check each Checklist to do a comprehensive search . Documents not available in the Brooklyn campus library can be obtained from the New York State Library through our library's interlibrary loan services , at the desk in the Reference Library.


  • The New York State Library in Albany maintains an electronic catalog of documents in its collection. You can gain access to this catalog at the following URL:
  • http://www.nysl.nysed.gov/edocs/education/chcktext.htm
  • There are over 300 other libraries, at various depository levels, in New York State. A listing of these can be located at the following URL:


I New York State Documents Information Access Center. These libraries only receive Checklist.
C New York State Documents Reference Center. These libraries receive selected documents designated as "core list", plus everything I depositories receive.
D New York State Documents Depository Library. These libraries receive everything that C and I depositories receive, and more.
R New York State Documents Depository Library. These libraries receive everything that C,D and I depositories receive, and more.
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