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Library Guide 12: Mental Measurements Year Book and Tests in Print*

The Mental Measurement Yearbook (ref Z5814.P8B32)(frequently referred to as Buro's Mental Measurements Yearbook or just Buros') is a reference tool that provides descriptive information and reviews of various tests. Also provided are references to journal articles about the tests. Therefore, it's a very useful bibliography as well as an encyclopedia of psychological and educational tests.

Complete coverage includes:

  • date of publication
  • population tested
  • types of scores
  • a review article
  • references to journal articles

There are fifteen edition of the MMY. The 15th edition lists new test reviews or revised test reviews. The other fourteen editions are important for retrospective coverage. They are referred to within the description and reviews in the 15th edition. Within the MMY the tests are arranged alphabetically by the name of the test. Each test is numbered, and the test numbers are listed on the top of the pages. When you look up a test in am index, you will be referred to the test number listed on top of the page.

The 15th MMY has six indexes: Index of test Names, Index of Test Acronyms, Classified Subjects, a Publisher's directory and Index, an Index of Names, and a Score index. The first four indexes are self-explanatory. The Index of names list authors of the tests, reviews, and references of the tests. The Score Index is particularly valuable---it lists the variable measured by different tests, which may not be obvious by the test name. For example, to find which test measures aggressiveness in the score Index and it will refer you to the appropriate test. Please note that the library does not own any test reviewed in the MMY. If you want to see a copy of a test , or order a test manual, you must do so through the test publisher. The publisher's directory is useful for this purpose.

If the test you need is not in the 15th MMY, consult TIP VI (Ref Z5814.E9 T47), a master index to all twelve editions of the MMY. Tests in Print VI is a two volume set which lists all tests currently in print.

Tests in Print VI is arranged like the MMY: the tests are listed alphabetically by name and given test numbers. There are six indexes; the indexes refer you to the test numbers, not the page numbers. Again, there are subject indexes and score indexes if you need to find a test for a specific variable. It also includes cross references to reviews in MMY and to TIP III. It too, provides references to critical articles in the journal literature about the tests.

* The Mental Measurements Yearbook is also available online, please search the alphabetical list of online databases available via the library website to gain access. The online product only provides access to Yearbooks 9 through 15. Thus for older material, you must consult the books in Reference.

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