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Online Renewal

To renew a book online, you must first log into your library account. To do this, first go to the Library Catalog (LIUCAT). You can do this through the link on the front page:

The catalog will open in a new window. Click on "My Account" tab or the "Login" icon in the upper right hand corner.

This will take you to the login screen, where you will be asked for your barcode (the number on the back of your ID card) and a PIN number. Your default PIN may be the last 4 digits of your University ID. (Please reset your PIN the first time you login successfully. If you haven't set up a PIN or can't remember your PIN, please call the Circuation Department). Enter both numbers and hit the "Login" button. After hitting the button, the system will take you back to front page of the catalog again. If you logged in correctly, instead of "Login" in the upper right hand corner, it will now say "Logout" and there will be a welcome message. Now click on the "My Account" tab. This will bring up a page where can view basic information about your account - how many books you have checked out, whether or not you have any blocks, etc:

Click on "Items Out" to be brought to the renewal screen:

Here, check the boxes of the books you wish to renew (where the red arrow is pointing) then click the "renew" button at the top of the list. Renewals begin the day you renew them. Thus, if your borrowing period is 28 days, the new due date will be 28 days from the day you renew. It is best to wait until just before a book is due to renew it. Remember - you can only renew online for a title's first renewal, and you cannot renew a book once it is overdue! If you have any trouble logging into the system, or any other questions about renewing online, feel free to call the Circulation Desk at 718-488-1338.


Created by S. Gordon 71/05
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