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Library Instruction Lab Policy

  • Library instruction labs are reserved for library instruction sessions.
  • Library instruction sessions should be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. Click here to schedule a library instruction session.
  • The labs are released for use other than library instruction sessions 2 weeks prior to the date in question.
  • It is preferred that the labs be used for library or research related activities.
  • The labs will be booked at the discretion of designated library employees.
  • If a lab is booked for a non-library instruction session, a designated library employee must agree to host the event.
  • Hosting the event will require that the library employee unlock the labs prior to use, log on the computers, train the event planners how to use the computer resources, and lock up the labs after the event.
  • Below is a list of designated library employees who may book the library labs. Please email one of the names listed below to book the labs. Please copy AnneMarie Rogan on all requests.

    AnneMarie Rogan (AnneMarie.Rogan@liu.edu)
    Emily Drabinski (Emily,Drabinski@liu.edu)
    Ingrid Wang (Ingrid.Wang@liu.edu)
    Paula.Patino (Paula.Patino@liu.edu)
Updated by I. Wang 11/12
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