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Services Offered

  • Bibliographic Instruction: we are committed to offering students and faculty at our Extension Sites the very same Library Bibliographic Instructional Services that we are providing to our on-site students. Namely, all students are entitled to Bibliographic Instruction classes.

  • Interlibrary Loan services: the Library will strive to obtain material from other campuses or other library systems, etc. This is a service you are entitled to. Request forms can be conveniently filled online. Library barcode required.

  • Circulation Services: when it comes to borrowing material, obtain your library barcode, usually offered at the beginning of the semester by your professors. If you do not have a barcode, contact the Circulation Desk (5th floor of the Library Learning Center). By the way, the Circulation Desk is where we keep the Reserve Material.

  • The Reference Desk: it is located on the 3rd floor of the Library Learning Center Building; however, we are only a phone call (718 780-4513) or email message away: if you wish to email your reference question, send it to libref@brooklyn.liu.edu. Also, here is a list of email/phone numbers to communicate with us. Ask us any reference question. Do not hesitate, we are your library!

  • Databases of Journal Articles, etc.: You can access a number of databases from any computer workstation on campus. You also have the possibility to access most of them off-campus. You just need a library barcode in order to do that.

  • Other Libraries in Brooklyn: an important reminder: the borough of Brooklyn is home to a number of academic libraries to which you have access. For more information about getting an Academic Libraries of Brooklyn card, call the Circulation Desk (for a listing of the libraries, go to the ALB site.). We are also member of the Metro system. Finally, do not overlook the Brooklyn Public Library system with more than 58 locations across the borough, the New York Public Library with over 100 branches in Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island, and the Queensborough Public Library with 63 branches.

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