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Bibliography: Globalization
A selection of new books available in the Circulation Collection of the Brooklyn Campus Library.

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Blueprint for action : a future worth creating
by Thomas P. M. Barnett
JZ1480 .B36 2005

A business in risk : Jardine Matheson and the Hong Kong trading Industry
by Carol Matheson Connell
HF486.J372 C66 2004

The checkbook and the cruise missile : conversations with Arundhati Ray : interviews

by David Barsamian
JZ1318 .B366 2004

The choice : global domination or global leadership

by Zbigniew K. Brzezinski
E895 .B79 2004

The collapse of globalism : and the reinvention of the world
by John Ralston Saul
JZ1318 .S28 2005

Contemporary Arab thought : studies in post-1967 Arab intellectual history
by Ibrahim M.
DS36.88 .A275 2004

Debating globalization
by David Held
JZ1318 .D43 2005

De-Coca-colonization : making the globe from the inside out
Steven Flusty
HN17.5 .F58 2004

The Disneyization of society
by Alan Bryman
GV1853.3.C22 D573 2004

The endgame of globalization
by Neil Smith
E895 .S63 2005

Equality and economy : the global challenge
by Michael Blim
HM821 .B56 2005

Global collective action

by Tood Sandler
JZ1308 .S26 2004

The global genome : biotechnology, politics, and culture

by Eugene
HD9999.B442 T453 2005

Global markets and financial crises in Asia : towards a theory for the 21st Century
by Haider A. Khan
HB3808 .K53 2004

Globalization and inequality : neoliberalism's downward spiral
by John Rapley
JC330.2 .R36 2004

Globalization and state transformation in China
by Yongnian Zheng
HC427.92 .Z443 2004

Globalization or empire?
by Jan Nederveen Pieterse
E902 .N43 2004

Growing up global : economic restructuring and children's everyday lives
by Cindi Katz
HQ792.S73 K38 2004

How soccer explains the world : an unlikely theory of globalization
by Franklin Foer
JZ1318 .F64 2004bx

How to succeed at globalization : a primer for roadside vendors
by Rafael Barajas
HF1359 .B3613 2004

In defense of globalization
by Jagdish Bhagwati
HF1359 .B499 2004

It's legal but it ain't right : harmful social consequences of legal industries
edited by Nikos Passas and Neva Goodwin
HF5387 .I87 2004

Leviathans : multinational corporations and the new global history
edited by Alfred D. Chandler, Jr. and Bruce Mazlish
HD2755.5 .L484 2005

Liberating economics : feminist perspectives on families, work and globalization
by Drucilla K. Barker and Susan F. Feiner
HQ1381 .B365 2004

Liberation from liberalization : gender and globalization in Southeast Asia
by Roksana Bahramitash
HQ1240.5.A785 B34 2005

Liberty beyond neo-liberalism : a republican critique of liberal governance in a globalising age
by Steven Slaughter
JZ1318 .S592 2005

Making globalization
Robert J. Holton
JZ1318 .H65 2005

Merging traffic : the consolidation of the international automobile industry
by John A.C. Conybeare
HD9710.A2 C65 2004

Multitude : war and democracy in the age of Empire
by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri
JC423 .H364 2004

A new world order
by Anne-Marie Slaughter
JZ1318 .S59 2004

On the cutting edge of globalization : an inquiry into American elites
by James N. Rosenau
JZ1318 .O52 2006

One world : the ethics of globalization
Peter Singer
JZ1318 .S583 2004

The politics of multiple belonging : ethnicity and nationalism in Europe and East Asia
edited by Flemming Christiansen and Ulf Hedetoft
HM753 .P65 2004

The rise of regulatory capitalism : the global diffusion of a new order
edited by David Levi-Faur and Jacint Jordana
H1 .A4 v. 598

Rising elephant : the growing clash with India over white-collar jobs and its meaning for America and the world
by Ashutosh Sheshabalaya
HD5710.7 .S54 2005

Trade and industrial policy under international oligopoly
by Sajal Lahiri and Yoshiyasu Ono
HD2326 .L34 2004

Transnational America : contours of modern US culture
edit by Russell Duncan and Clara Juncker
E169.12 .T736 2004

Understanding globalization : the social consequences of political, economic, and environmental change
Robert K. Schaefferd
JZ1318 .S33 2005

The United Arab Emirates : a study in survival
by Christopher M.
DS247.T88 D384 2005

Victory deferred : the war on global poverty, 1945-2003
by Robert F.
HC79.P6 C53 2005

Why globalization works
by Martin Wolf
JZ1318 .S59 2004

World city network : a global urban analysis
by Peter J. Taylor
HT119 .T39 2004

Compiled by I. Wang 6/06

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