The Acquisitions Department is responsible for the ordering, receiving and billing of all books, videos and periodical materials for the collection. The staff consists of three librarians and three clerks. We acquire between 7,000 to 10,000 books and 200 to 400 videos a year, and are maintaining over 2,500 subscriptions.

The department's main concern is to obtain material as quickly as possible. We aim to have our turn around down to three weeks for 70% of orders. Out of print and hard to obtain materials may take longer. To reduce the fulfillment time, we are ordering directly off vendor Web sites. Our receiving and accounting procedures will be moved into Horizon's LIUCAT in the near future. This will allow us to discard our paper files and reduce the double bookkeeping we have had to do.

The Library Collection is developed through a liaison system comprised of subject bibliographers and guided by the Collection Development Policy which is regularly updated to reflect changes in the curriculum.

Students and faculty are also invited to submit title requests. Title requests may be submitted on a white request card, via Collection Manager or emailed to Charles Guarria or Julia Bock. To facilitate requesting, we have opened up access to Blackwell's Collection Manager. This is Blackwell's Book Services online database of 1.2 million titles. It may be searched by title keyword, author keyword and ISBN. Subject access is through subject lists and classification schedules. Interested persons may contact us at (718) 780-4181 for further information or to schedule a training session for ordering.

Title recommendations may be submitted via our online Book Recommendations Form. This form is for recommending books that you think the library should acquire. The purchase decisions will be made at the discretion of the library. Faculty should order books through the regular channels.

We greatly appreciate all gifts we receive. However, in accordance with our gift policy, materials are incorporated into the library's collection at the discretion of the librarians.

Acquisitions Department Faculty and Staff

Charles Guarria Acquisitions Librarian Associate Professor (718) 780-4181
Julia Bock Acquisitions Librarian Associate Professor (718) 488 -4581
  Acquisitions Assistant   (718) 780 -4313
Sheila Tyler Acquisitions Assistant   (718) 780-4580
Harriet DeCeunynck Adjunct Acquisitions/Cataloging Librarian Instructor


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