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Library Instruction Services

Mission Statement

  • The teaching and assessment of Information Literacy Skills
  • To assist faculty in creating and assessing research projects that utilize Information Literacy Skills and the library's resources
  • To assist students in realizing their full academic potential

Library Instruction For Classes

  • Information Literacy and library skills sessions can be scheduled by any faculty member
  • Sessions are, generally, conducted during the class's regular meeting time
  • Are tailored to the students' needs based on a consultation with the Library Instruction Coordinator
Library Instruction For Small Groups and Individuals
  • Can be scheduled during club hour or anytime the library's instructional center is otherwise free
  • Small groups may range from 4 to 10 students working individually or on a collaborative project
  • Individuals may request special tutorial sessions with the Library Instruction Coordinator

    Additional Library Instruction Services

  • Research assignment consultation
  • Information Literacy Testing
  • Off-site training sessions
  • Library Tours and Scavenger Hunts

    For More Information Contact

  • Brook Stowe, Coordinator of Library Instruction
  • Phone (718) 488-1036
  • Email: Brook.Stowe@liu.edu
  • In Person: LLC 307C

    An Information Literate Person Can...

  • Analyze an assignment and determine the information needs of that assignment
  • Design a strategy for locating and retrieving that information using the available resources
  • Execute that strategy in an efficient manner
  • Select appropriate information based on
          Does the information answer a specific question(s) posed by the research project?
          Is the information from a credible source
          Can this information be verified by additional sources?
  • Utilize the information to meet the requirements of the assignment or satisfy the interest in a topic
  • Document the research process in a manner that is accessible to others 

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