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  • Journalism 100 - History of the Press
    The history of journalism from European and colonial roots to the contemporary American scene in relation to relevant economic, social and cultural currents, particularly during periods of transition and crisis.
  • Journalism 101 - The Law of Communications
    An examination of the specific legal rights and responsibilities of the journalist. Students study the changing concepts of freedom of the press, defamation, privacy, copyright, and legal shields for the vital philosophical lessons they provide.
  • Journalism 119 - News Writing
    Introduction to writing news stories which are studied for their organization, form, style and effectiveness as expression and communication. In newsroom laboratory sessions, students apply professional standards to frequent assignments.
  • Journalism 120 - Introduction to Mass Communication
    An introduction to the fields of print, electronic and interactive media. Students are exposed to media theory and to a critical approach to the function of mass communications in American society. They examine the role of newspapers, magazines and books, as well as film, recording and broadcasting. The impact of cable TV, personal computers, new media and other new communication technologies receives special attention. The course also reviews persuasive uses of mass media in politics, advertising and public relations.
  • Journalism 135 - News Reporting I
    Emphasis is on fundamental skills of news reporting, including in class exercises with various forms of stories found in daily newspapers. Stress is placed on mastering reportorial insight, skills and story structure. Students are assigned stories outside the classroom. News coverage is examined and critiqued.
  • Journalism 136 - News Reporting II
    Advancement of the skills gained in journalism 135 with an intensive study of actual newsroom problems and the preparation of longer, more complex interpretative stories. Includes field assignments that require students to report stories off campus, as well as in-class writing assignments. Weekly quizzes are administered.
  • Journalism 160 - Cooperative Training
    Journalism majors engage in on the job study projects under the supervision of the Department.