• Campus Media
    Journalism majors get experience as writers, editors and
    publishers by getting involved with the student-run newspaper,
    Seawanhaka, which informs readers throughout LIU Brooklyn
    about the latest news, arts, entertainment and sports..

  • Journalism majors gain valuable experience and build their résumés and portfolios by contributing to Seawanhaka, the award-winning campus newspaper; Sound, the Brooklyn Campus yearbook; WLIU-FM, the campus radio station; and WLIU-TV, the campus television station.

  • Campus-media leaders such as editors and managers receive partial tuition remission. For instance, students chosen to serve as editor-in-chief, managing editor or section editors of Seawanhaka typically receive such compensation for their service. Students may also receive academic credit for campus media work.

  • Click here for more information about the student newspaper, Seawanhaka.

  • Click here for more information about the student yearbook (Sound), the student radio station (WLIU-FM), about the student TV station (WLIU-TV).