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Senior Bridge Program

Outstanding high school seniors may take up to two tuition-free college courses at the Brooklyn Campus. Qualified students are admitted to one regularly offered introductory course per semester. Each successfully completed course earns full college credit.

This program allows students an opportunity to explore the college environment before attending college full time. Applicants choose for themselves which courses to take, but always receive counseling from the Bridge staff on how to make their choices wisely, taking into account individual academic interests and potential options for a college major or minor. Students are generally encouraged to expand their fields of knowledge, rather than focusing on interests that they have already developed, and to explore subjects that are not available to them in high school.

Eligibility: Students who have successfully completed their junior year of high school may begin taking LIU Bridge courses the summer before their senior year. Courses are offered in the fall and spring as well. Students may not take courses in the summer after they graduate.

Applicants must have an overall high school average of 90% or better. Some exceptions are made, but only for students who have an overall average of 88% as well as an average of at least 90% in all high school courses related to the college course they wish to take.

Procedure: Students interested in LIU's Senior Bridge Program should see the College Advisor at their school who serves as a liaison with LIU or call the director of Bridge Programs. College Advisors assist interested students with applications.

Each complete application should include:

  • A Senior Bridge Application Form, filled out by the applicant and including a teacher or advisor recommendation
  • An LIU Admissions Application
  • A writing sample or the LIU Writing Placement Exam
  • A current high school transcript
  • A $30 Bridge Programs Application Fee
Once applications are complete, students should make an appointment to see the Bridge Programs Director for counseling and registration.

Costs: Courses taken through the Senior Bridge Program are tuition-free. Some courses, however, do have lab fees which students must pay. In addition, students will be expected to buy their own texts required by any courses for which they register.



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