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Students' Comments about the Bridge Programs

"The College Project helped me to be familiar with a college classroom environment . . . You have to be disciplined in studying on your own and getting all the information about a test. . . . " - Betty Liong, 1996 College Project

"I thought that the program was very successful in helping me learn a little about university life. I also thought the opportunity to meet people outside of my high school was very enriching. I still keep in tough with a few that I met there. I truly enjoyed the experience and the chance to explore." - Elizabeth Chiu, 1995 College Project

"The College Project gave me the 'feel' of what it is really like in a college class. I was able to experience the various types of teaching in many different fields . . . What I liked most was that the classes were exciting . . . What I loved most about the College Project was all the great friends that I made there." - Melissa Gooman, 1995 College Project

"During the summer of 1998, I enrolled in a program at Long Island University called the BASIS Program . . . I completed the course with a 4.0 and with an increased urge to learn. I realized that I had taken school for granted. Classes [in high school] used to be, in my mind, obligations instead of opportunities." - 1998 BASIS Student

"The program opened my mind to things I never experienced before. It became like an adventure." - 1998 BASIS Student

"The trips were intriguing, the writing class was rewarding and the performance was unforgettable . . . but meeting new people and finding out that we share similar goals was what made this summer all the better." - 1996 BASIS Student

"During the entire program one special theme remained with me. A community is not necessarily where you live. The program itself was a community of thinkers and writers. I was impressed by how open and kind the students and faculty were. My writing skills have improved and I take my work more seriously. The excursion left an impact that I didn't think would happen in such a brief time." - 1995 BASIS Student

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