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The BASIS Program

Operated in cooperation with the New York City Board of Education, BASIS is a summer program for high school students between their junior and senior years. The program has several purposes:
  • To develop in students a realistic vision of and interest in college
  • To develop students' writing, speaking, critical thinking, and research skills in an atmosphere that fosters creativity
  • To give students confidence in their own ability to succeed in a college environment

These goals are achieved through an intensive summer course open exclusively to high school students. The course is interdisciplinary and focuses thematically on some aspect of life in downtown Brooklyn. Students engage in group projects which involve considerable field exploration, the use of primary and secondary research sources, teamwork and self-assessments of students' own writing. The group projects are produced and presented to the public at the end of the program.

While students always engage in considerable reading and writing, specific subjects vary. In the past they have included English, Dance, Media Arts, and History. Typically, students have registered for Introduction to Communication Arts, which is offered in conjunction with the Media Arts Department, and Introduction to Dance, which is offered through the Dance Department. Successful completion of either of these courses earns students three college credits.

Eligibility: Students apply during their junior year of high school and should have an overall average between 78% - 85%. Most important, they need to work well in groups and be eager to work hard.

  • Procedures: Students are selected by their college advisors or guidance counselors. Once applications are completed, they are sent to the Director of Bridge Programs at the Brooklyn Campus. Each application should include:
  • A BASIS Application Form, including the essay question on the back of the form
  • An LIU Admissions Application
  • A current high school transcript
  • A recent photo and a letter of recommendation from a teacher who is familiar with their academic work

Students then sign up for group interviews held at the Brooklyn Campus. Applications are available from College Advisors or teachers who act as liaisons to the Bridge Programs or from the Director of Bridge Programs.

Costs: Accepted students pay a $30 fee. Past students have been given stipends, carfare, and lunch.


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