Immunization Requirements

Dear Student,

Welcome to LIU. The University Health & Medical Services Center strives to become a vital part of your college experience and a key resource for all you health and medical needs.

First, we ensure compliance with the New York State Public Health Law section #2165 that requires all college students to show proof of 2 doses of measles, 1 dose of mumps, and 1 dose of rubella, also referred to as MMR. Additionally, New York State Public Health Law section #2167 requires institutions, including colleges and universities, to distribute information about meningococcal disease to all students, and to maintain a signed record documenting receipt of this information, proof, and/or waiver of vaccination. Failure to submit proof within 30 days of admission can result in costly fines and the possible cancellation of registration.

To assist you in locating and submitting these documents, you should note that documentation for immunizations can usually be found via four sources:

1) Childhood Immunization Records/Card;
2) Childhood Pediatrician Records;
3) Former Elementary and/or High School Health Records; and
4) Previously attended academic institutions, may provide a copy of your immunization records.

Your immunization records must legibility document two (2) complete dates (month/day/year) for your MMR. If you are missing one date, you have two options;

1) Obtain a MMR Booster or
2) Obtain a Titre (a lab test demonstrating your level of immunities for the MMR). Titres’ are only accepted/valid with the actual lab results attached, and your levels must be positive, all other results will require that you receive a second MMR Booster.
All documents submitted should be originals, legibility dated, signed, and stamped by your doctor (doctor’s license number must be included).
Second, the University Health & Medical Services Center is pleased to inform you that all of these services could be obtained via our center. During your college tour, you can receive convenience, consistent, cost-effective health, and medical care. We encourage you to review our on-line brochure and take advantage of this extensive resource.

Please note that you must make copies of all your documents. Under no circumstance does UHMSC duplicate or redistribute any documented once stamped by our office.

At this time, we do not accept fax or emailed documents; and unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for any records that are lost in the mail and/or arrive late resulting in negative consequences imposed by the university.

Remember, failure to provide proof within 30 days of admission can result in costly fines and/or possible cancellation of registration, so please submit your documents in a timely fashion.

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