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Brooklyn, USA

A City Apart
Conference Participants


The year 1998 was the centennial celebration of the consolidation of New York, Brooklyn and the other three boroughs. The Urban Studies Department and the History Department at LIU marked this celebration with a conference that highlighted the special attachment and recognition people, both here and abroad, have for Brooklyn. Both before and after the consolidation, Brooklyn has remained a city apart. Even when connected to Manhattan, Brooklyn has often competed or existed in uneasy tension with that Goliath across the river

The conference examined broad themes of Brooklyn's history, contemporary realities, popular culture and urban folklore. The academic papers, musical presentations, and videos focused on Brooklyn as part of New York City or as a distinct place typified by a diversity of cultures, a working class ethos, a burly independence, and a populist democratic culture.

Below is a list of conference participants and their paper abstracts. Many of these papers will appear in a book based on the conference that is soon to be published .


Conference Participants