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United Nations 704
Issues in International Labor, 1919 - Present

This course will explore the broad outlines of the history of the working classes since World War I. It begins with a discussion of the International Labor Organization, (ILO), and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and proceeds to cover a number of the major issues shaping working class experience in the century.

International Humanitarian Assistance 706 (6 May - 5 August 2002)

The course, International Humanitarian Assistance 706 (IHA706), will review the evolution of the concept and practice and examine the interface between humanitarian assistance and peace keeping operations, the continuum between emergency assistance and economic/social development, the role of humanitarian assistance in peace building, the role of non-governmental organizations in the provision of humanitarian assistance, evolving international legal concepts dealing with the "right" to humanitarian assistance, and the relationship between international humanitarian and human rights law and humanitarian assistance. IHA706 will be based primarily on case studies of actual emergency assistance operations. It will require written examinations, concept papers, and professor-student consultations.

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