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About the United Nations Graduate Advanced Certificate Program

Advanced training in the United Nations system and its specialized agencies is offered by Long Island University's Brooklyn Campus. Students with undergraduate degrees from universities in the United States and abroad are eligible to submit applications To earn the Graduate Certificate in United Nations Studies, students complete eight courses (twenty-four graduate credits). These credits may be applied toward the thirty-six credit requirement for the Master of Science in Social Science or the Master of Arts in Political Science. Selected courses taken in the Program also may be accepted for the Master of Science in Economics and the Master of Public Administration. In all cases, students retain their concentration in international organizations.

UN Graduate Certificate courses are offered primarily in Manhattan and are scheduled during evening hours. Classes meet once a week, Monday through Thursday.

For further information:
Lester N. Wilson, Director, United Nations Graduate Advanced Certificate Program
Long Island University, Brooklyn , New York 11201

Tel: (718) 488-1041
FAX (718) 246-6374
e-mail: Lester.Wilson@liu.edu

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