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Theatre Concentration

Theatre is one of the oldest performing art forms. As a storytelling medium, theatre provides a basis for human communication and reflection in all cultures around the world. Theatre in higher education creates strong performing artists, articulate theatre educators, effective public leaders and compassionate visionaries.

Students in the Theatre concentration engage in academic coursework and discourse in the history of drama, the study of acting and directing, the art of theatrical design and stage technology and the business of theatre administration. Theatre in higher education enables students to learn about diverse historical eras, communities, styles of production, technologies, and playwrights through various types of artistic productions. Additionally, a theatre education creates opportunities for crossing cultures within the theatrical experience. Graduating students may choose careers as teachers, actors, directors, playwrights, critics, dramaturges, designers, administrators, and managers. These careers can be pursued within the theatre world, performing arts organizations, related nonprofit organizations, and the media.

Theatre in higher education can also provide students with crucial life skills in a wide range of professions as well as in their day-to-day relationships with others. Theatre allows students to think precisely in the moment, to speak confidently in public, to write with clarity and intelligence, and to work productively with others, thereby providing them with useful skills for a host of other professions, including business, government, law, journalism, sciences, and related disciplines.

Theatre can help transform human beings by acknowledging and celebrating the cultures and contributions of diverse communities; helping people learn to live in relation to one another; empowering all participants in the art, creators and audience members alike, to act on and change the conditions of their lives. Through the imagination, we can make significant, constructive changes.

An actor’s job is to create a mirror of the human condition and to reflect the many facts of that image to the society at large. Ultimately, students learn how to cultivate their intuition for the everyday business of living. In effect they transform the illusive realm we call the human spirit. The Theatre concentration goals are:

  1. Generate an appreciation of live theatrical performance on our campus as well as in our surrounding community.
  2. Educate and develop a new student audience for theatre.
  3. Allow LIU faculty, administration, students, and the community to meet and ask questions of currently working theatrical professionals in NYC.
  4. Create an environment for students to develop professional working attitudes for the production of theatre as well as train their art.
  5. Prepare students for graduate school and careers in theatre.
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