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Kyshaya Adams
Kyshaya Adams is a Molecular Biology major with goals of becoming a cardiologist and to opening her own research hospital. She is a member of the Student Government Association and the Higher Education Opportunity Program.  She also enjoys writing poetry, dancing, and making people laugh.

Sabrina Ali
Sabrina Ali is a Biology major with goals of becoming a physician She finds the body as well as medicine fascinating. She works extremely hard and knows one day my dreams will come true because of my dedication. In her spare time she loves to sing, bake, swim, and spend time with loved ones.
Shan Chen
Shan Chen is a Molecular Biology with goals of becoming geneticist. Her native hometown is in Fu Zhou China but grew up in Brooklyn, New York. She enjoys reading, watching Asian dramas, music, sleeping and eating. In the future, she plans to find a job in a retail pharmacy store and plans to become an entrepreneur. At the same time, she also wants to go back to school and continue her education in teaching because she loves to teach kids. She would like to travel around the world once in her life time with her family.

Dave Deroche
Dave Deroche is a Biology major with goals of becoming an Oral Surgeon.  He is currently a Dental Assistant and has been in the field for 5 years My passions also include listening to music, especially Jazz and Gospel,  playing the Piano, Bass guitar, Basketball, and Soccer.

Alanna Dawkins
Alanna Dawkins: Was born in Brooklyn and was raised on the island of Jamaica. She migrated back home to New York and enrolled at LIU as a Biology major in January 2009. Alanna is intrigued by the study of the reproductive system, genetics and fascinated by personality disorders. She is also captivated by the development of computer programs and the investigation of the wireless communications and networking phenomena.

K. Nicole Fuhr
K. Niccole Fuhr is a Chemistry major. Her interest evolved from being perpetually fascinated with what things were made of.  Once she is finished with her undergraduate studies, she will pursue a PhD in the field.   She is highly interested in studying green Chemistry. She is curious of the behaviors of chemical substances and is interested in geoChemistry and nuclear science. When she is not studying she enjoys going to the beach, watching Myth Buster’s, cooking, or snuggling up to a good book. She resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Colette Gauthier
Colette Gauthier is a Biology major from Brooklyn, New York.  She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.  She plans on furthering her education in Biology by attending graduate school in an M.D/PhD program.  Colette’s interests include staying in shape with yoga and dance. She also enjoys traveling and studying foreign languages. 

Ana Gutierrez
Ana Gutierrez is a Biochemistry major with dreams of becoming a toxicologist. Born in the Dominican Republic, she discovered her love of science in a biology lab experiment dissecting earthworms.  Ana plans on using her skills to help people in rural areas which tend to have limited access to medical care.

Kimberly Hilaire
Kimberly Hilaire is Biology major from Queens, New York. She plans to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and two minors in both Sociology and English. After completing her undergraduate studies, Kimberly plans to enroll in an M.D/PhD

Savana Hilaire
Savana Hilaire is a Biology major from Brooklyn, NY. She is the first generation college student. A student from the Honors Program, she is pursuing a major in pre-medicine with the hope of becoming a pediatrician someday. Savana has done a variety of community service. She plans to do research before attending medical school.

Ma Khine Khin Lin
Khine Khin Lin is a Molecular Biology major. She migrated from Myanmar four years ago and graduated high school in United States within two and half years with honor degree. She is a recipient of Albert Shankar (UFT) Scholarship, Provost Scholarship and Project Quest Scholarship. Her academic success led her to become one of the scholars of the Project Quest Program. She is currently the member of ALD national honor society and in Dean List at Long Island University. She worked as a peer counselor to guide the incoming freshmen students to become better students. She is a member of HEOP and is working for HEOP as a Chemistry tutor. She plans to graduate in 2012 with a Bachelor degree in Molecular Biology and plans to go to medical school after undergraduate.

Lara Martinez
Lara Martinez is a Biology major and psychology minor.  Lara spends a lot of her time outside of academics playing soccer since she is a part of the Long Island University (Brooklyn) Women’s soccer team.  In her free time she enjoys working out, hanging with friends, and reading.  She also works in her school’s Wellness, Recreation, & Athletic Center’s pool as a lifeguard.  After receiving her Bachelor’s degree, Lara plans to go on to medical school to become a surgeon.

Zin Oo
Zin Oo is originally from Burma and has been a Brooklyn resident for the past five years. He is a Molecular Biology major with hopes of becoming a Cardiologist  His hobbies are swimming, singing, playing tennis, ping pong, and musical instruments. His talents are creating arts and drawing pencil portrait. He is also interested in singing and playing musical instruments. 

Kimchung Pang
Kimchung Pang is a Chemistry major. In his free time, he enjoys doing long distance running, and writing poetry. For Spring Break of 2009, he traveled with his classmates to New Orleans to help build a home for Habitat for Humanity. His career objective is to become a Pharmacologist.

Tiffany Parker
Tiffany Parker Biology major with goals of becoming an Anesthesiologist. Some of her interests are running track, playing an intense game of volleyball, and being with friends. She also enjoys competition and considers herself a very competitive person.

Tiffany Perez
Tiffany Perez is a pre-med/Biology major.  She describes herself as a highly ambitious Hispanic female with hopes of becoming a cardiologist Obstetrician/Gynecologist.

Yanille Taveras
Yanille Taveras, a resident of Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, is a graduate of St. Dominic Academy in Jersey City, NJ. She is currently a Biology major and Dance minor. Yanille is a life-long lover of all things creative. This interest has allowed for her skills in Performing Arts to excel throughout her many years as a student at Amarilys Academy of Dance Arts. Her future endeavors include earning a an MD/Ph.D specializing in Cardiology.

Giuseppe Valenzuela
Giuseppe Valenzuela, a resident of Elmhurst, Queens, is a Biology major.  Since age 12 he had dreamt of becoming a cosmetic surgeon. He is an avid soccer player and fan. Manchester United in his favorite club.

Christopher Wallace
Christopher Wallace is resident of Staten Island, New York.  A Biology major, Christopher’s goal is to become a forensic scientist. His interests include dancing, working out, and watching episodes of CSI Miami.

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