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For would-be writers and directors in television, movie, animation and interactive industries, this Concentration offers students a wide range of creative writing classes that teach different formats, genres and skills. Course topics include: story design, story boards, character development, documentary writing, screen/teleplay design, sit-com, horror, drama, experimental and much more!


12 credits of Required Foundation Courses:
MA 100 Media Aesthetics
MA 152 Writing the Screenplay
MA 119 Business of Media Arts
MA 187 Film & Television Studies

24 credits of Recommended Electives from:
MA 1481 Playwriting I
MA 1482 Playwriting II
MA 154 Situation Comedy or
MA __ any screenplay genre class
MA 158.1 On-Camera Performance I
MA 102 Television Production I * or
MA 106 Video Workshop I *
MA 197,198 Independent Study

+ any 6 credits of Media Arts Electives in film/TV studies or writing


+6 credits of Required Ancillary: courses above 100 from outside Department. Recommend ENG, THE, SOC, ANT, PSY.


Media Arts 100 Media Aesthetics

This required foundation course introduces students to the fundamentals of media arts and visual literacy – light, color, composition, perspective, time, motion, sound – and discusses how they are applied in the various forms of contemporary media. In a workshop environment, using media objects as texts, students also explore narrative, art history, philosophy of media, spectatorship, theories of perception and their own creativity. Three credits.

Media Arts 102 Television Production I
Special Fee: $55.00
Offered every semester

An introduction to the practice and principles of television studio production. The course covers all the basic production techniques, including scripting, lighting, shooting, producing and directing. Technical operation and understanding of all studio equipment, including cameras, switcher, audio board and character generator, are stressed. Students apply their skills in studio production assignments. Three credits.

Media Arts 106 Video Workshop I
Special Fee: $55.00
Offered every semester

An introduction to the principles and practice of portable digital video production. Working in crews on field projects, students explore the techniques and aesthetics of single-camera videography, sound recording, location lighting and video editing. Three credits.

Media Arts 119 Business of Media Arts
Special Fee: $55.00
Prerequisite: Completion of 64 credits
Offered every semester

A required course which discusses the applications of business skills for the media artist. Topics include professional development, media management principles, art and commerce, writing the business plan, and grant writing.. Media professionals are invited as guest lecturers. Three credits.

Media Arts 148.1 Introduction to Playwriting
(Same as Theatre 122.1)

Media Arts 148.2 Advanced Playwriting
(Same as Theatre 122.2)

Media Arts 150 Writing for Visual Media
Special Fee: $40.00
Prerequisites: MA 100 and three credits from English 61-64 or permission of instructor.
Offered every semester

In a writing lab environment, students follow a tailored program of writing suited to their professional orientation. Still-image students explore writing for artists - manifestos , criticism, treatments and concept development. Three credits.

Media Arts 152 Screenplay
Special Fee: $40.00
Prerequisite: Media Arts 100 and three credits from English 61-64 or permission of the instructor
Offered on occasion

A course for moving-image students designedto develop screenwriting skills in a workshop environment. Emphasis on the writer’s creative process, evaluation techniques and constructive feedback. Working independently and in groups, students complete a full-length screenplay as their semester-long assignment. Three credits.

Media Arts 154 Situation Comedy
Special Fee: $40.00
Prerequisite: Media Arts 150
Offered on occasion

An intermediate course focusing on the fundamentals of writing in the challenging format of the half-hour television comedy. Students analyze current sitcoms, then write their own episode, taking it through the stages of premise, outline, treatment, script and rewrite. Throughout, the concentration is on how, in the modern sitcom, humor grows out of character rather than being imposed through the situation. Three credits.

Media Arts 158.1 On-Camera Performance I
(Same as Theatre 139.1)
Special Fee: $55.00
Prerequisite: Media Arts 159.1 or Theatre 125.1 or permission of instructor
Offered every semester

An introduction to the practice and principles of on-camera performance for broadcast and film media. Using closed-circuit television interactively, students work on exercises in acting, newsreading, nterviewing and stand-up reporting. Professional guest speakers share experiences. Three credits.

Media Arts 158.2 On-Camera Performance II
(Same as Theatre 139.2)
Special Fee: $55.00
Prerequisite: Media Arts 158.1 and permission of instructor
Offered every Fall

An intermediate workshop designed to expand upon the skills and knowledge gained in On-Camera Performance I. Emphasis is on cold reading, character creation, teleprompter reading and scene analysis. Three credits.

Media Arts 163 Introduction to Multimedia
Special Fee: $55.00
Prerequisites: Media Arts 115, 128
Offered on occasion

A foundation course exploring various multimedia techniques used in commercial and industrial presentations. Topics include photographic sequence imaging, storyboarding, computer programming and sound-synching. Intended for individuals seeking a working knowledge of contemporary photography and digital media. Three credits


Media Arts 187 Film and Television Studies
Special Fee: $40.00
Prerequisite: Media Arts 100
Offered every semester

A survey of the history and development of world cinema and television. Through screenings and discussions, students study this twentieth-century art form as developed by various countries, individuals and movements. The development of cinema and television as an industry and a part of the larger economy; as a series of technical innovations; as a history of aesthetic forms; as a social, cultural and political force; and as a reflection of the ideas of its society is explored. This is a Writing Intensive course and is required for students following a concentration related to moving image. Three credits.

Media Arts 197, 198 Independent Study
Prerequisites: Permission of student advisor, the Department Chair and the Dean

Courses designed to give students in their junior or senior year an opportunity to do independent work under the guidance of a member of the Media Arts faculty. There are no regular class meetings. Students may undertake either a production (video, screenplay, photography etc.) or a research paper. Three credits per course.

Media Arts 199 Media Arts Internship
Prerequisites: At least 64 credits and Permission of Faculty Advisor and Department Chair

During their senior year, Media Arts majors are strongly recommended to undertake one internship with a media organization. Consultation with Director of Professional Development and approval of the Department is required. Three credits. May be taken in subsequent semesters for credit.

Media Arts 200 Series
Offered every year - Subject matter determined by the expertise of a visiting artist-in-residence. Courses vary from semester to semester and may be repeated for credit. Three credits per course.


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