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To prepare students for careers in on-camera performance, this concentration offers courses in acting, directing, voice-over, on-stage performance as well as auditions.


12 credits of Required Foundation Courses:
MA 100 Media Aesthetics
MA 119 Business of Media Arts
MA 152 Writing the Screenplay
MA 187 Introduction to Film & Television Studies

21 credits of Recommended Electives from:
MA 102 Television Production I * or
MA 106 Video Workshop I *
MA 155 Directing Moving Image
MA 159.1 Acting I *
MA 159.2 Acting II
MA 158.1 On-Camera Performance I
MA 158.2 On-Camera Performance II
MA 160.1 Directing I
MA 160.2 Directing II
MA 199 Internship
THE 1261 Movement and Voice I
THE 1262 Movement and Voice II


+6 credits of Required Ancillary: courses over 100 from outside Department. Recommend SPE, DNC, MUS, THE

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Media Arts 102 Television Production I

Offered every semester

An introduction to the practice and principles of television studio production. The course will cover all the basic production techniques, including scripting, lighting, shooting, producing and directing. Technical operation and understanding of all studio equipment, including cameras, switcher, audio board and character generator, are stressed. Students will apply these skills in studio production assignments. Three credits.

 Media Arts 103 Television Production II

Prerequisite: MA 102 Offered every Fall

An advanced course expanding the techniques and applications of TV studio production covered in Television Production I. Students will focus on producing and directing scripted studio productions such as TV dramas and news programs. Advanced lighting techniques and set construction are also covered. Three credits.

Media Arts 105 Lighting I

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor or Department Chair. Offered every semester.

A production class exploring the principles of lighting design for photography, film, and video production. An examination of the nature of light and the similarities and differences specific to each medium. Topics include lighting ratios, color correction, and studio and location lighting. Three credits.

 Media Arts 106 Video Workshop I

Offered every semester

An introduction to the principles and practice of portable video production. Working in crews on field projects, students will explore the techniques and aesthetics of single-camera videography, sound recording, location lighting, and non-linear video editing. Three credits.

 Media Arts 108 Video Workshop II

Prerequisite: MA 106 Offered every Spring

An advanced course expanding the skills and knowledge gained in Video Workshop I. Student crews will devise, produce, direct and edit their own single camera film style productions using non-linear editing platforms and digital camcorders. Three credits.

Media Arts 119 Business of Media Arts

Prerequisite: Completion of 64 credits of course work. Offered every semester.

This is a capstone course which introduces students to the principles and applications of management and business skills in contemporary media industies. Topics include: business writing, the role of the producer, forming an independent company, marketing & distribution, production management and professional development. Students will complete an entire Business Plan and Prospectus as their semester-long assignment. Three credits.

Media Arts 145 Video Workshop III

Prerequisite: MA 108. Offered on occasion

Using the department's on-line non-linear editing equipment and digital camcorders, students produce original video shorts designed for airing on local cablecast outlets, and for entry into video/film festivals.

Media Arts 150 Writing the Screenplay I

Prerequisites: MA 187 and 3 credits from English 61- 64, or permission of instructor. Offered every semester.

In a workshop environment students explore the structure, format and substance of the various types of scripts used in media. Discussion focuses on concept development (dramatic and instructional) and writing sample scripts for radio, television, film, commercials, documentaries, digital animation, multimedia production and interactive media. Three credits.

Media Arts 152 Writing the Screenplay II

Prerequisite: MA 150 or permission of the instructor. Offered on occasion

An advanced course for the serious writer, designed to develop screenwriting skills in a workshop environment. Continuing topics covered in Media Arts 150 with special emphasis on the writer's creative process, evaluation techniques and constructive feedback. Working independently and in groups, students complete a full-length screenplay as their semester-long assignment. Three credits.

Media Arts 154 Writing the Situation Comedy

Prerequisite: MA 150 Offered on occasion

This course acquaints students with the fundamentals of writing in a challenging format, the half-hour television comedy. Students analyze current sitcoms, then write their own episode, taking it through the stages of premise, outline, treatment, script and rewrite. Throughout, the concentration is on how, in the modem sitcom, humor grows out of character rather than being imposed through the situation. Three credits.

Media Arts 155 Video Documentary

Prerequisite: MA 106 Offered on occasion

An advanced course for students with a special interest in video documentary journalism. The theoretical part of the course explores and analyzes a variety of modern documentary forms via screenings, guest speakers and discussion. The hands-on part of the course entails students producing their own video documentary. Three credits.

Media Arts 156 Campus TV News

Prerequisite: MA 106 Offered on occasion

Students write, report, shoot and edit a weekly news program, a television counterpart to the campus newspaper. The programs will air on monitors around campus. Three credits.

Media Arts 158 On -Camera Performance I (Same as Theatre 139)

Prerequisite: Speech 3 or permission of the instructor. Offered on occasion

An introduction to the practice and principles of on-camera performance for broadcast and film media. Basic training in voice, movement and appearance. Using closed-circuit television interactively and Media Arts video workshop crews, students work on production exercises in acting and directing, newsreading, interviewing and stand-up reporting. Professional guest speakers share experiences. Three credits.

Media Arts 159.1 Acting I

For course description, see Theatre 135. Three credits.

Media Arts 159.2 Acting II

For course description, see Theatre 136. Three credits.

Media Arts 160.1 Directing I

For course description, see Theatre 137. Three credits.

Media Arts 160.2 Directing II

For course description, see Theatre 138. Three credits.

Media Arts 190 Film Production I

Prerequisites: MA 106, 115 Offered every Fall

An introduction to the art of l6mm film production. Topics include film production roles and responsibilities, basic cinematography, directing and film editing. Students work in teams to produce short films. Three credits.

Media Arts 191 Film Production II

Prerequisite: MA 190

An intermediate class expanding on the skills and knowledge gained in Media Arts 190. Students produce synch-sound l6mm film projects and explore advanced lighting, editing, audio field recording and cinematographic techniques. New developments in the field are explored such as digital color correction, video assist and non-linear post-production. Three credits.

Media Arts 195, 196 Honors Study

Honors Study is designed to give outstanding students an opportunity to do independent work in their major under the guidance of a member of the faculty. There are no regular class meetings. To be eligible, students must have upper junior or senior status, a cumulative quality-point ratio of 3.00 and a 3.25 ratio in their major subject, and the permission of the Director of the Department and the Dean. A total of six credits of Honors Study is the maximum allowed. Three credits per semester.

Media Arts 197, 198 Independent Study

Prerequisites: Permission of student advisor, Department Chair and the Dean

During their senior year, Media Arts majors are strongly urged to undertake one or more independent study courses to complete a research paper or production as their final portfolio/exhibition project. All independent study projects are arranged in close association with the students' department advisors. Three credits per course.

Media Arts 199 Media Arts Internship

Prerequisites: Permission of student advisor and Department Chair

During their senior year, Media Arts majors are strongly urged to undertake one or more internships with a media organization or company. Consultation with and approval of the Department is required. Three credits. May be taken in subsequent semesters for credit.

Media Arts 200 Series

Offered every year

The subject matter of courses in this series is determined by the expertise of a visiting artist-in-residence. Courses vary from semester to semester and may be repeated for credit. Three credits per course.


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