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Whether you're just graduating or a seasoned professional, this 36-credit degree offers the tools you'll need to compete and succeed in a wide range of writing, design, production, creative and media careers.

The Master of Arts in Media Arts is a unique interdisciplinary program which builds new bridges of understanding between the traditional and the modern, between media concepts and skills application, between media arts and other fields of study. After completing 6 credits of foundation theory courses, students can design their own course of study according to their own interests and abilities.

Students may work individually, but are encouraged to work within a creative collaborative team, since this model is typical of most media work places today. Production will always be informed by critical analysis of aesthetics as well as cultural and social issues.

Students complete an Integrated Thesis Project (6 credits) as a culminating project. Which must be designed to integrate theory and production.

For complete information, please download the "Program Details" as a PDF or MS Word File.

Areas of Concentration:

  1. Theory: History, Multidisciplinary Media Theory, Aesthetics
  2. Screenwriting: Film, Television
  3. Photography: Traditional, Digital, Experimental
  4. Film, Television, Video Production including Acting and Directing
  5. Digital Sound, Audio Design
  6. Computer Graphics Imaging: Print, Animation, Interactive
  7. Media Management

Brooklyn Campus