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In the last seven years big changes have occurred within the chemistry department.  The great resurgence of research presently conducted on the campus is due primarily to the efforts of LIU's hard-working faculty who have been awarded many grants  in the last several years.  These grants run the gamut from research and instrument grants to grants to finance the education of  under-represented minorites in science. 
     One such grant available to incoming freshmen intending to major in chemistry and biochemistry is RISE.

Our LIU education has given us the knowledge and traininig to succeed !
"I truly believe the personal attention I recieved at LIU enabled me to get where I am today!"

                      Mohani Suhkdeo, (left)  2000

            Research Scientist, Wyeth Ayerst Inc.
RISE, Research Initiative forScientific Enhancement, is funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and is meant to support outstanding minority students who wishe to pursue a career in biomedical research. 

RISE offers:

  • A stipend of $8,200/yr for freshman rising to $9,600/yr by your senior year!
  • Summer research funding at nationally renowned biomedical research facilities

  • One-on-one research and academic training under the guidance of an expert faculty member
"My LIU experience was really first rate!  Not only did I learn by working side by side with my professor, but I also gained hands-on experience using some of the world's most of sophisticated instruments!" 
                    Ghassan Abelazziz, class 2000
If you'd like to know more about the RISE, please contact Professor Edward Donahue

In addition to RISE,     There are also a multitude of university scholarships and financial aid for those new students who qualify.  Please click here to learn more about these financial awards which will help make your experience at LIU-Brooklyn a reality.

Once you are admitted you will find that LIU offers our chemistry/biochemistry majors state of the art facilities in which to conduct their research!  Please see Resources for details on the arsenal of equipment you can choose to work on!

Lastly, we'd like to remind you of some major advantages which LIU can offer you that other schools can not:
  • Small class sizes (10-15 students maximum)
  • A team of energetic FULL TIME faculty that is always on campus and available to answer your questions!
  • "Hands on" research training with an expert faculty mentor whose one-on-one advice will give you the edge companies and graduate schools are looking for!
  • Unlimited access to our cutting-edge instrumenation, which rivals any other facility in the New York City area!

"I never felt like I was lost in the crowd.  Thanks to LIU's small class sizes the professors were able to get to know ME, and cared about MY success." 
Lilliana Villafamia,  1999

Lilliana is working on one of the twenty PC's in the Science Visualization Center.  The center's computers are dedicated solely for the purpose of enhancing the education of its science majors.  It is one of five computer centers available to students on campus.


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