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Opportunitis for High School Students
Chemistry & Bichemistry

It's Never Too Early to Start Your Career in Science!

In the last several years big changes have occurred within the Chemistry department.  The resurgence of the campus is due primarily to the research efforts of LIU's hard-working faculty, who regularly publish in prestigious journals and recieve many grants. The work of the faculty has paid off for our students, who are highly prized in industry.  These efforts have also produced a research instrumentation facility which rivals any in the New York City area!

Now you too can also benefit while 
still in High School!

Our faculty has mentored many successful Intel competition candidates and would like to offer the same opportunities to YOU!  If you'd like to work at LIU browse the faculty pages to find a project that interests you and then contact us!

"I really lucked out by coming to LIU this summer!  My research project is interesting and my mentor respects my abilities and trusts me.  I don't think many other schools would have allowed a 17 year old student the freedom to use a $100,000 instrument!"

                               Lilllian Chen

                               high school junior

Lillian is analyzing for pesticides in produce using the department's gas chromatograph equipped with a quadrapole mass spectometer analyzer (GC-MS).

Attention High School Teachers:  We would be more than happy to work with you and your students to set up an Intel program at your school.  Please contact us if you are interested.
Research at LIU =  SUCCESS!
High school students working with LIU mentor win international honors in spring of 2001! 
Michael Ng and Patrick Li (above left, right), working with Professor Ed Donahue (center), won third place in the prestigious Intel International Science Competition.  Their project, entitled "Sol-Gel Synthesis of Yttrium Iron Garnet" also won first place awards from the U.S. Army and the American Chemical Society.  Their project, which was solely conducted at LIU, not only involved synthetic techniques but also used many advanced instruments such as an X-ray diffractometer, a vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM), Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FT-IR), thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA), and a differential thermal analyzer (DTA).  Aside from the prestige they gained and the scholarships they won, Patrick and Michael both agree that the experience gained at LIU has definitely prepared them for their careers in science!
Long Island University's Chemistry Department GUARANTEES you HANDS-ON training on some of the most sophisticated instrumenation in the NYC area!

Our young energetic faculty is always there to guide all students interested in science, in fact, the faculty often works side by side with the student on their project.

What makes LIU's faculty able to work so closely with students?  The reason is our commitment to education.  Since the highest degree awarded by our department is the master's degree, we can assure you that you WILL recieve more attention than at other universities that offer a doctorate. Relying solely on the productivity of our undergraduates and master's candidates, high school students offer our  faculty "extra pairs of hands" that are invaluable and much needed.  At LIU high school students are treated much like our very own students, entrusted with the same research responsiblilites that our undergraduates have.

SO, if you are a high school student interested in doing some research MAKE LIU YOUR FIRST CHOICE!!!

Contact us for a tour of the facilities and a chance to meet our faculty and get started EARLY.  Juniors and Seniors, this is your chance to start your scientific career NOW!!!

"I guess the best thing about doing research here at LIU is that I get to actually do research.  The "hands on" training has allowed me to learn a lot in a very short time.  My friends working at other schools were surprised I actually got to use the instruments by myself.  I was surprised they were'nt getting that chance.  I just assumed all schools were like LIU."

                                                    Anna Wong, high school senior

Anna (on ladder) is using our 400MHz NMR to study new solid materials that will revolutionize the field of batteries and fuel cells.  Dr. Becky Gee (standing) supervises during the initial training period.


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