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Azzedine Bensalem, Chair

Inorganic and Solid State Chemistry

  • Sol-gel synthesis of:
         1)Transition metal oxides and lithiated metal oxides for Li battery application
         2)Metal phosphates (layered and zeolite type structures), and hydroxyapatite
         3)Carbon/metal oxides and their combustion properties
         4)Hydromagnetite (smoke-reducing inorganic agents)

  • Mrinal K. Bhattacharjee

    Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

    • Bacterial Genetics
    • Plasmid Biology

    Denise Chung


  • Protein structure and oncogenesis and Xenopus laevis

  • Bob Danziger

    Physical Chemistry

  • Laser Photochemistry
  • Polymer Chemistry

  • Edward J. Donahue

    Physical Chemistry

  • Chemical vapor deposition of biologically inert materials on prosthetics

  • Jonathan D. Gough

    Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

    • Chemical Biology
    • Synthesis of biologically active molecules
    • Analysis of their biological activity

    Glen D. Lawrence

    Inorganic and Biochemistry

  • Oxy radical reactions with molecules of biological significance 
  • Biomedical and pharmaceutical analysis

  • Hannia Lujan-Upton

    Organic and Polymer Chemistry

  • Investigation of the free radical gelling mechanism of biomaterials
  • Nearest-neighbor local configuration effects vs. long-range chain effects in tactic polyacids 

  • Nikita Matsunaga

    Physical and Computational Chemistry

  • Molecular electronics
  • Role of intersystem crossing in chemical reactions
  • Aggregate molecular assembly as drug and DNA delivery vehicle
  • Anhamonic and mode-coupled molecular vibration

  • Donald W. Rogers, Emeritus

    Physical and Computational Chemistry

  • Thermodynamics
  • Molecular structure
  • Computational Chemistry

  • Wayne F. K. Schnatter

    Organic Chemistry

    • Stoichiometric cyclization/cycloaddition reagents

    Alexander M. Shedrinsky

    Organic Chemistry and Art Conservation

  • Application of pyrolysis to art conservation

  • Alvin Siegel

    Physical Chemistry & Chemical Oceanography

    • Chemical oceanography - trace metals and organic chelators
    • Environmental issues - climate change - emphasis on chemical issues

    Samuel Watson

    Organic Chemistry

  • Design and synthesis of peptidomimetic inhibitors of farnesyl transferase
  • Synthesis of natural products: Makaluvamines and Wakayin

  • Nadarajah Vasanthan

    Physical and Polymer Chemistry

  • Crystallization of polymers
  • Spectroscopy of polymers
  • Formation of inclusion compounds

  • Andreas A. Zavitsas

    Physical Organic Chemistry

  • Organic Free radical reactions
  • Thermodynamics and kinetics
  • Semi-empirical MO calculations
  • Phenolic resins














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