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Student Government Association
Scholarship Criteria

2nd Student Scholarship

††††††††† The Student Government Association of Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, supports the student body. It represents and addresses the issues and concerns of individual students and student organizations. The SGA is dedicated to presenting the student body with a complete college experience, culturally, academically, socially and health-wise, by facilitating a progressive relationship between administration and students and acting on the problems and suggestions of both. ††††††††††

Because, the SGA has recognized through continuous communication with students that the finance of ones education can become burdensome, it has developed a Scholarship program to aid students in their educational experience through decreasing their financial burden. The criteria and other ancillary information for this scholarship is as follows.





Each applicant must:

  • Mail completed scholarship application before deadline February 18-2005
  • Attach two personal recommendations to application.
  • Be a full time undergraduate or graduate student of Long Island University
  • Have a GPA of 2.0
  • Demonstrate financial need


Student Government Association elected or appointed officials or applicants related to any Long Island University employee, or are ineligible.



The essay must be 300-500 words. It must be typed in size 12 Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with one inch margins. The essay should most accurately answer the question provided. The ideas expressed in the content should be original and logical. Students should revise grammatical and spelling errors before attaching it to the application.


The two recommendations are provide the applicant with the opportunity to present an objective portrayal of him or herself; strengths, weaknesses, experiences, dedication, leadership, or growth in leadership, career goals, extra-curricular and community participation.

An LIU professor must write one recommendation and the second the applicantís preference.



The applicant will be considered in financial need, if either of the following statements is true.
  • The student has an outstanding balance on their bill
  • The student has a deferred payment plan that is not yet paid at time of receipt of application



Submitting application to SGA.

All essays must be mailed directly to the Student Government Association of LIU.Do not hand deliver to the SGA office. Please note that no application will be accepted without an essay, nor will an application be accepted if postmarked after February, 2005.


All Applications must be mailed to:

Long Island University
Student Government Association room S-304
1 University Plaza room S-304
Brooklyn, New York 11201





Applications will be accepted as of January 18, 2005, until February 18, 2005.


The official transfer of monies into the student account of will begin no later than March 18, 2005.


Presentation of SGA scholarship to selected students will take place on April 24th in place TBA. Students names will be placed on website and in upcoming issue of Seawanhaka (The campus Newspaper).


Privacy Clause

All information submitted will be used solely for the purpose of:

  • Formulating the recipientís scholarship status.
  • Contacting Recipients regarding their status.
  • Posting recipientís name and brief biography in campus Media outlets.

For more information please contact the Long Island University Brooklyn Campus, Student Government Association Office at (718) 780-4034 or come to room M-208

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