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Campus Ministry

 A Message From the Campus Minister

Dear LIU Community,
It is wonderful to have you all back on campus.

We must thank God, the Ultimate Reality in whom we repose our trust for granting us the great opportunity to continue our pursuit of wisdom and knowledge on the haloed grounds of LIU Brooklyn.

The Office of Campus Ministries of LIU Brooklyn Campus hereby restates its determination to continue to cooperate as much as possible with the members of LIU community towards channeling their religious aspirations to some positive goals.

We wish to assure you that our office will even be more available this academic year to help in this regard. Feel absolutely free to utilize resources available in our chapel or in our office to help you in your religious journey.

This leaflet contains the summary of some of the activities our office will be promoting this academic year. We invite you to seek clarifications where needed. There are a lot more that we can do together as religious beings.

We look forward to being a part of your spiritual journey at LIU Brooklyn.

Rev. Charles P. Keeney

Long Island University

Brooklyn Campus

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