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What are the various committees of SGA?

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

CAB is an integral part of the SGA. The purpose of the CAB is to aid the SGA in carrying-out the various social, academic, health, and cultural events proposed by the SGA while promoting student involvement and school spirit and cohesion. It supports SGA in achieving the objectives of the University and the student body

Finance Committee
The Finance committee is a necessary component in maintaining an effective SGA. Chaired by the executive treasurer, the purpose of this committee is to ensure the proper usage and allocation of funds and to monitor the overall financial behavior of the SGA, all the SGA funded clubs and organizations, as well as any miscellaneous SGA related business.

Clubs and Organizations Committee
This committee is responsible for determining each new club's eligibility and the review of all clubs according to the constitution. Chaired by the executive vice-president assisted by the executive secretary, this committee encourages clubs and organizations in their missions, addresses their needs, and when needed recommends appropriate action when a conflict between student groups and the constitution arise..

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