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    Our goal for the 2003-04 school year is to capture the pulse of the school through the news. We are trying to effectively report hard campus news. We believed that Seawanhaka failed to do this in recent years and the goal from the outset of the school years was to improve news coverage. We had extensive coverage of the faculty strikes on the Brooklyn and C.W. Post campuses as well as coverage of disgruntled students protesting their teachers. Seawanhaka's coverage of LIU sports has also drastically improved. Seawanhaka is also available online for the first time in school history as well and plans for a Seawanhaka website are in the works. Seawanhaka is on campus newsstands every Wednesday morning.
    Editors: 1. Editor-in-Chief Justin Grant
    2. Op-Ed Editor- Boris Pukhovitsky
    3. Arts & Entertainment Editor- Portia Lynn
    4. Sports Editor- Josh Couvillion
    5. Sports Editor- Johanna Rojas
    6. Copy Editor- Erma Williams
    7. Photo Editor- Giorgios Retsinas
    8. Faculty Adviser- Mike Bush


Sound's role in the school is to put out the yearbook.
We don't hold events, but we do plan on advertising
ourselves more to the school. In addition to
participating in school functions like LIU Day, we
will buy a display case and advertise ourselves
through pictures that we will take around campus.

Erma Williams-Editor
Oluyemi Falade-Layout person
Brian Best-Layout person
Josyanne Rene-photographer
Aquilino Gonell-photographer
Jemima-Office Manager

  • LIU-TV
    With the facilities of LIU-TV, students gainhands-on experience in filming and production, and also have the pleasureof watching news, movies and music videos.
    WLIU offers a dynamic entertainment and newsprogram for the Brooklyn Campus. Its highly equipped and modernized studiosoffer an excellent setting for training.

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