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Fall 2003
Nothing But Net League

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L.I.U.'s Evening Intramurals Nothing But Net Basketball League (NBNL) is back for its third season. This semester the league stayed with the same amount of teams from last year. There were a lot of players changing teams with two of the eight teams new to the league, including a woman's team. Each team would play a total of seven regular season games round robin style, there are two divisions, Dekalb and Flatbush, the top two teams from each division will participate in the Nothing But Net playoffs which is single elimination.

Each team receives two time-outs per half, besides that the action never stops. This is the first time a woman's team is participating in the league. The team consists of head coach, coaching staff, an ex-LIU ladybird's players. In its third season, NBNL is getting popularity and recognization not only among students but also staff and faculty are coming forward to participate. The attendance has vastly increased from the previous year. DJs and free giveaways made this league more colorful to everyone.

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