Brooklyn Campus

Club Responsibilities

1. In order to maintain club status, clubs must have a minimum of fifteen (15) full-time, matriculated students in good standing (Publications at least 10 members, fraternities or sororities at least seven members.)

2. Maintain your club's aim and purpose throughout the academic year.

3. Must meet on a regular basis, at least once per week.

4. After each club meeting a copy of the minutes must be submitted to the Student Government Association and the Office of Student Activities.

5. Maintain an organized and professional clubroom, if you've been assigned a room.

6. Reserve a meeting room in the beginning of each semester.

7. Clubs who request their own club space may submit in writing their request to the Office of Student Activities, Room S-304.

8. Supply the Student Government Association and the Office of Student Activities with your club's events sheet.

9. Collected dues must be deposited in the club's budget account. No off-campus accounts will be allowed.

10. Each organization must sponsor at least one event that is opened to all Brooklyn Campus students. A meeting does not constitute an event.

11. Return all clubroom keys to the Student Activities Office by May or be prepared to pay a $10 fine.

12. All club allocations are to be used according to the approved request during the specified semester(s).

13. The Office of Student Activities must approve all the posters and flyers before they are printed or posted. This requirement pertains to all student functions


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