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Procedure in Forming A Club/Organization

All clubs, organizations, or media organizationsrequesting recognition by the Student Council must follow theprocedure below:

ARTICLE V (Clubs, Organizarions, Publications)

Section A. Formation

1. Any group of students holding membership in the SGA shall have the right to request recognition by Student Council of a club, organization, or publications.

2. Such a request for recognition shall contain the following:

a. The proposed constitutional by-laws of the proposed organization, including a statement of purpose and the following clause: "Membership in good academic standing at the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island Unviesity without regard to race, religion, color, creed or political, religious, or national belief or background". These by-laws shall not be interpreted to prohibit the requirement of certain academic qualifications nor of payment of dues in the organization.

b. The names of at least fifteen (15) members, except in the cases of publications and fraternities and sororities in which cases the names of 10 and seven members respectively shall be required.*

c. The names of the provisional or regular officers of the club.

d. The name of the proposed or selected faculty advisor.

e. Such other information as may be required elsewhere in the constitution and/or these by-laws or by the Student Council.

*Can be waived by request of Director of Student Activities or Dean of Students.


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