Some people believe that revising involves a recursive honing of ideas and parts of the paper; that is, the writing process becomes a continual time-loop of invention and refinement.  Another group of writers and writing instructors advocate an understanding of revision as a process through which one becomes aware of one's strengths and weakness and develops strategies for honing those strengths and eliminating the weaknesses.  Others argue that editing and revising are intertwined in a mission to improve a writer's message on several levels, be that conceptual, organizational or mechanical.  These links are offered as sites from which any writer can build a better understanding of what revision offers as well as different strategies. Please advise us if you have suggestions for improving or adding to our links.

Understanding Revising and Editing (Paradigm's OWL)

Steps for Revision (Purdue's OWL)

Re-Thinking, Re-Reading, Re-Writing (Writer's Place)


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