Student's Evaluation Form

Student Information

1. Tutor's Name:

2. School Status:


3. Optional Demographic Information:


Race or Ethnicity:


4. Program


5. How did you find out about the Writing Center? If you were referred by a course instructor, please list the course name and number.

6. What is your first language (English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, etc.)?


Tutorial Services

7. How many sessions per week did you attend?
1 Session per week 2 Sessions per week

8. How often did you use walk-in hours?
Once per week More than once a week
Once a month Rarely Never

9. For what purposes did you use walkin hours?

10. How often did you use the computers in the lab?
Once per week More than once a week
Once a month Rarely Never

11. For what purposes did you use the computers in the lab?

12. How would you describe your strengths and weaknesses as a writer? What changes have you noticed in your writing over the past semester?

13. How would you describe a typical tutoring session? What were your primary areas of focus?

14. How did your tutor go about helping you learn about these areas of focus?

15. What was successful about these approaches?

16. What was not successful about these approaches?

17. What do you think your tutor does really well?

18. If you were to advise your tutor, what would you suggest she or he work on to become a better tutor? Why?

19. Overall, were you satisfied with the tutorial process? If so, in what way? If not, what would have been more helpful?


Writing Center Services

20. In what ways have the computer lab assistants and front desk staff been helpful to you? What do you suggest we do to improve our service?

21. What additional services would you like to see provided at the Writing Center?

22. Would you recommend the Writing Center to a classmate or a friend? Why or Why not?

23. How could we make more people aware of the Writing Center and how it helps students?




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